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Wood Creek - Mystery
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Aug 17, 2011 07:10 PM Introduction
Fonss1223 started with:
"Susan! Did you finish packing all of your things?! The bus is already here, hurry up!" Called out Mrs. Kramer from the living room. "I'm coming mother, I just need to find my headphones, did you touch them?" responded Susan in such a tone in which her mother wasn't capable of hearing. Her room was like that of a hoarder. Piles of dirty laundry on one side of the room, her school materials trashed on another and a bed which appeared to have been abandoned for weeks. "Susan, will you hurry! The bus will leave any minute!" Mrs. Kramer called out again, this time more annoyed than ever. "Found It!" called out Susan cheerfully. Susan quickly grabbed her luggage, hopped over a pile of clothing on the floor and trotted down the stairs as fast as she could. Her mother was leaning on the handrail with the intent of rushing her again. "Dont forget to call m-". But Susan was already out the door. 
 This was Susan's personality. Always excited about the things that interested her the most. Like the wilderness, camp fires and most importantly hanging out with her best friend Jenna. However, she wasn't a very organized person. Never cared about her appearance as all the other 12 year old girls did. She was, though, intelligent and very much into sports and had more of a husky voice than a girly one. Today she wore her usual sports sweatpants and sweatshirt despite the warm weather. But that wasn't what was important to her at the moment. Today was the day she got to visit her grandparents in Verdana for the first time in 10 years, not to mention the many nights Susan and Jenna are planning to spend setting up campfires and telling frightening stories to each other. 
            The bus driver honked a couple of times making Susan run a little faster. He had stood there for last 15 minutes waiting for Susan to rush at the last minute. Luckily his patience didn't run out very quickly since he is good friends with Susan's parents. "Hurry it up, what is your deal!" snapped Jenna from the window. The bus door opened and Susan made her way in. "Its nice of you finally join us Ms Kramer!" exclaimed the bus driver sarcastically. He rolled his eyes, closed the door and pulled away. Susan quickly made her way to the back of the bus where Jenna had saved her a seat before losing her balance. She noticed that all of the other passengers were staring in discontent for her lateness but didn't pay them any mind. The bus was surprisingly packed and Susan's trip was relatively far which meant they were probably going to be the last ones to get dropped off. "What took you so long Susan? asked Jenna, removing her backpack from the seat she saved for her. "The guy almost rode off without you." "I'm sorry, I had to take care of some very important things" Susan lied. "Anyways, I'm really excited about this trip! I don't think I've ever been to Verdana." Mentioned Jenna. "Well don't worry, I've only been there once but ill tell you, it isn't much like the city. It's only a small town. We'll spend most of our time outdoors anyways" 
          "So you girls are headed to Verdana huh?" Susan and Jenna look back to face the stranger right behind them. She looked over 70 years of age and had a really strange hairdo. "Yes? And who are you?" questioned Susan oddly. "I use to live in Verdana many years ago before I forced myself to move out." "Why were you forced to move out?" asked Susan curiously. Let's just say I had no choice. Growing up there, I had experienced .. Here is a piece of advice", the lady lowered her voice to a whisper, and leaned over, "stay away from there!. Turn back now before it's too late!" 
            "What?" asked Susan. "What are you talking about?" added Jenna. Susan hadn't realized that the bus made a stop. "Goodbye now" The lady quickly stood up and made her way out of the bus. Susan and Jenna watched her walk off out of sight, then slowly turned to face each other. "How weird was that? Susan choked out. "Very weird" responded Jenna. 
Apr 04, 2012 05:50 PM Entry #1
SlidZero wrote:
    The rest of the bus ride the two friends passed the time by sharing new music through each others headphones, sleeping, and mocking the strange woman and her even stranger warning.  
    "Here's some advice...stay away from Verdana, the Boogie Man has a summer cabin there!" said Jenna in a sing songy whisper.
    Out of all the jokes that these two had come up with this one made them both burst into uncontrollable laughter.  They ended up getting so raucous that the passengers around them were beginning to give them stern looks and a few even tried to hush them with ineffective "Shhhhhhhh."  Finally the bus driver had to get involved to try and keep the girls quiet, "Ms. Kramer! Ms. Carlson! I have written agreements from both of your parents to drop you off at the next stop with one way tickets back home!"
    This empty threat managed to keep the girls quiet for a little while but every time they looked at each other the giggling began again.


    The bus pulled into the Verdana bus stop sometime after 11, by that time Susan and Jenna were fast asleep, worn out from their imitations of the old woman and the laughter that ensued.  The bus driver got up to rouse but before he could Susan shouted from a nightmare, "Noooooooo!"  The bus driver couldn't help but chuckle when Susan and Jenna both woke up panting and wide eyed from being startled by the screaming.
    "We're at your destination girls.  Come on I'll get your bags."
    As much as the girls drove the bus driver absolutely crazy during the long drive to Verdana he couldn't help feel compassion when he saw how disoriented the girls were after waking so suddenly. After all his daughter had been their age once.
    As the bus drove away Susan and Jenna were left standing under the flickering street light on the block that lit the bus stop.  
    "Where are Jen and Cassie?  They were supposed to meet us here," questioned Susan.
    "I don't know, maybe the bus was delayed.  It's ok, I've been here once before remember. I know how to get to the cabin.  Follow me."
    And so the girls left the light of the bus stop and started walking down the dark street. Both had the old woman's warning in the back of their mind as they went.
Dec 12, 2012 09:01 PM Entry #2
Jg9 wrote:
     The streets in the small town of Verdana were pretty common to the eyes of Sarah and Jenna: just very quiet and lonely at night. Despite of all the fun the two girls had in the bus about the old lady's advice, Sarah couldn't get the creepy look of the wrinkled face of the woman. "Why would she say such a thing" thought Sarah. It all seemed so fake to her, but so real at the same time. On the other hand, Jenna actually found the comment stupid, and really meant to have fun of it. And Sarah noticed that, so she was trying so hard to hide her true feelings from her best friend.
     The moved through a couple of narrow, silent streets before they got to the near end of the town. The street that followed was all dark, and the two friends weren't carrying any flashlights with them for walking into such a thick mass of blackness.
     "What should we do?" asked Sarah, sort of showing a little bit of fear. Jenna didn't notice this, and just answered with the easiest idea she could think of: "Let's head back to the station". And so they did.
     After about ten minutes, they were under the light of the bus stop they were before. There weren't any signs of Jen or Cassie. "Do they remember we were coming?" wondered Jenna. "Of course" replied Sarah trying to comfort her friend. "Mom talked to them before we departed" she lied. 
     Suddenly, a pair of shoes walking down the street called the attention of the two girls. They turn their heads toward the direction of the march. In the shadows, they saw a little girl, even younger than them, walking with a small doll between her right arm and her chest, and an empty tea cup on the other hand. The kid just walked down through the middle of the street, until she disappeared in the darkness to the other side of the street. Sarah and Jenna looked at each other, wondering who was that girl, and if that had a thing to do with the old lady's advice.