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Window to another world - Super-natural
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Apr 20, 2008 11:40 PM Introduction
Waggy started with:
His eyes burned as he was nearing his limit. The light from the family computer drilled into his brain. It was shutting down. Slowly one eylid would droop and then another. The coffee was doing no good. His report was do tomarrow morning. "George Washington Carver The Peanut King". Who new so many things could come from a meesly peanut? Nearly finished, but no, his head inched forward as he tried to continue typing and whack! "owwwww!!!" A keyboard to the face... He was awake now, wide awake. It took a minute to notice, but the computer screen was black and a little fuzzy. James had never seen anything like that before??? Maybe it was a screen saver. No, it did not matter what he did it didn't change. Then he looked a little harder at the screen, almost squinting. It was a little fuzzy, but he could see something in the moniter. What was it though?....
May 09, 2008 05:46 PM Entry #1
amberfire wrote:
The image began to take on some clarity, little by little gaining more shape, until he saw her. She was beautiful but still somewhat spectral. Her eyes seized his attention and he seemed unable to look away. Her hand reached out to him, beckoning him to take it and the speakers seemed to crackle. A voice came out faint and pleading "Help us please, we need you!" His mind was reeling as it struggled to make sense of the vision in front of him. He must be dreaming, yes that was it, he fell asleep and this is some kind of weird dream. He was wrenched from his race to find reality by the voice which seemed much louder now, almost deafening in his ears. "Quickly take my hand, we must move now there is little time left!"
May 25, 2008 07:36 AM Entry #2
He slowly lifted his hand then pulled it away. He was trembling under those mystical eyes, that roaring voice. His mouth betrayed him and wouldn't move. He was frozen in his office chair. Frozen in fright. The woman stretched her hand again. To his surprise it actually came out of the screen. The hand gently touched his face. The touch felt like heaven. It was like a cool breeze blowing across his face. But it was deeper than that. He felt a surge of hope and felt all worry drain from his body. He reached out his hand, hungry for another touch. It proved the worst mistake he ever made.
Jan 13, 2010 06:27 PM Entry #3
StephersG wrote:
Seconds, minutes, hours, days. How long was he in that bright, crimson tunnel for? Time seemed vacant and lost. He remembered her hand, soft and cool against his skin. That touch, it had aroused every sense within him, he longed for that mystery lady. One touch and he had no thoughts of anything or anyone else, his only wish was to feel more of her. All thoughts of his beautiful wife, tucked up in bed with their five year old son were gone. The only thing that mattered, the only thing he craved was that feeling that she gave him. It was more than just sex, it was more than passion and lust, it was as if he could feel every breath and heart beat of every single living creature on the planet.

But now as he wakes from his drugged-state, he questions his own mentality and  can see that he was conned into coming to this place. Time has ran away with itself and he can not remember how long ago that day was. He knows that for a while, he loved the place he has been destined to. It is magical and beautiful, everything he had hoped heaven would be like, but this isnt heaven, this a world far from what he or anyone else on his home planet knows.

Luke knows he didnt die and he knows that back home his family is probably worried for his safety, they wont know the details of where he is. His wife would have come into his study with a cup of coffee, expecting to find him asleep at his laptop as usual. Finding an empty room, Sophie would have searched the house, before ringing his friends, relatives, work colleagues, anybody who may know the wherebouts of her husband. 

Is time the same there?

Luke can not grasp the time here, but he feels that on Earth its possible that more than a couple of weeks have gone past. Sophie will be fretting and worried and there is nothing he can say or do to help relieve her stress. 

He was plucked from Earth, taken from his home and his family and even now he does not know the answer why.

Luke is startled from his thoughts by a lady calling his name and is not surprised to find her standing behind him. This is the first proper meeting since she appeared to him in his computer.