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Truth is Stranger than Fiction... - Autobiography
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Jan 26, 2011 10:59 AM Introduction
actquest started with:
Let's tell a story...  My worst day...  My best day...  My love story...  My coolest adventure...  These are the events that have shaped my life.  Tell me the four things that have shaped you or what were you doing when...

     My worst day, I have a few in competition.  It could be the day we found my mother-in-law had killed herself.  It could be the day my dad died of a massive stroke.  It could be the day my first love raped me.  Which would you like to hear?

     My best day, I have a few there, too.  The day my girl was born.  The day, I married the love of my life.  The day my boy was born.  Those were all days that showed me the love in this world.

    My love story, is the unlikely finding of love  and the strange events that brought it about.  It's also about the huge leap of faith and the sacrifice taken for the chance at true love and commitment.

     My coolest adventure,  there's the day we spent in Thailand with the elephants at a rescue preserve and a couple of things that I didn't know how cool they were until years later.  

    So choose a story you'd like to hear and then share one of yours.  I hope this fits the parameters of a campfire story.  I'm definitely a newbie.
Feb 04, 2011 10:16 AM Entry #1
actquest wrote:
One of my best days:

My first meeting with my little girl.  She had a fuzz ball for hair, scrunched up face with eyes tightly shut, and a pouty rosebud mouth.  When she opened her eyes, so beautiful, I fell in love with this little person I had been growing inside of me.  The feeling of love is unlike any other I have ever felt and will cherish forever.  I have cherished it, through the screaming fits, the tears, the bratty behavior,  the choir performances, the dancing to Genie in a Bottle, the swim tournaments, the graduations, the lost loves.  I still love this person.  She is an amazing experience, everyday.  Trials and tribulations, laughter and joy,  I would give up a single experience with my little girl.

Okay, someone be brave and share.
Mar 30, 2011 05:44 PM Entry #2
I'll go with happy instead of sad for today...
My best day ever: I guess there is quite a few, more than I think about when I'm really mad or upset... If only we thought about those great days and seized them more often, maybe we'd be a happier generation of people. One of my greatest days was the day my son was born. I was petrified the entire time, for many reasons. One reason, the thought of everyone seeing all of my goods, and the second reason.. the PAIN! I went into the delivery room with my mindset at "I don't care about the pain, I don't want any drugs." Once the pain really kicked in and I wanted the drugs, it was too late and they told me no. After many many hellacious hours of extreme pain, I got to hold my baby boy for the first time. I got to touch his little hands and toes and cry tears of joy. This little thing that had been growing inside of me had saved my life, and finally it was our turn to see face to face. It was nothing less than a miracle.