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The eyes - Romance
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Oct 18, 2008 09:51 AM Introduction
augustwidow started with:
I turned because I heard him speak, an unfamiliar voice, soft but deep, warm yet chilling. My head arched upward slowly as though time were slowing and he too as though he knew. A sea of green. I was in the presance of a myth, a sea of earthen green filled my blue with welts of salty drops, I was blinded by the beauty he carried so unknowingly, like his eyes were homes I lived a lifetime within but had never visited before...
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Oct 21, 2008 02:43 PM Entry #1
Before that moment I was dead. I remember feeling confusion. I remember feeling passion. I remember feeling love, love at first glance, love at first sight, love at first breath, he breathed, he breathed and I felt his breath from twenty four feet away...
Oct 27, 2008 02:13 PM Entry #2
The reason he spoke was irrelevant. What he said was even more meaningless. There was fear in his eyes. Fear of me, I could understand that much. It was only him and I now, the nameless creature without a real voice. Suddenly everything he'd tried to convince my consciousness of vanished. And he wasn't him anymore. I looked down at my own paws, gleaming with fresh blood from wounds from the rocks along the transformation. Snarling, then bending down, I cleaned them slightly, trying to get the bleeding to stop. Then i looked back up... at him. It could have been the wolf instinct, it could have been my own thirst for the blood running through his neck, but whatever the reason, i lunged at him, going for his legs. But he was fast, and pungent, the chase was on. No tree would hide him from my eyes, no climb would protect him from my claws. I would win, and that was the only thing not stopping me. I had to win. I had to. For a human he ran fast, his long legs up high across the brush. It was a worthy opponent, yet not an unbeatable one. The cliffs would be coming close to where he was, I would chase him until he reached the point he could go no further, the best part was that no mortal would see it coming. But I would. A Shot rung out from the depths of the trees. I could hear it coming, I could hear the whiz of its feather through the air, yet, my reflex was too slow. I barely acknowledged that my prey was standing, crying for me, as i went down. But the arrow had pierced my thigh, and i could go no further. with one last look at his tearing face, I allowed myself to darkness once again. Falling to the ground, the last thing i felt before i resurfaced was the sickening crunch of my bones snapping back into human form once again as someone pulled the metal head of the arrow from my leg.
Jan 28, 2009 04:25 PM Entry #3
The pain was sharp, my scream echoed from the edges of the cliff where he stood waiting for a safe moment to rush to my aid. The sun was rising now, the warmth of the morning light gracing my naked fleash and the hand of my prey and of my love graced my cheek. He held me in his arms grpping me so tightly as though he could never let me go again, not into the moon, not into the night, my William, a saint possesed by the curse of his own heart. And I could do nothing but sob and shake. How do you appologize for being plauged with darkness, as light as he made me feel too heavy was the burden I have carried for so long. It was time now, it was time to seek an end to this madness.
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