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Jan 20, 2011 05:31 PM Introduction
PattyDee started with:
    Everybody told her it was impossible, actually everyone told her it was impossible to get accepted

into Carmentia Heights Academy, also known as CHA, but of course that was something that Adalane

liked to do; prove people wrong.

            Adalane Santiara, now a sophomore at CHA, was one of the top ranked students in America. Every high school across the nation has been battling it out just to get her to attend their school. For the record, Carmentia Heights Academy wasn’t one of those schools.

            Carmentia Heights Academy was an elite school made for high and mighty rich kids who were ready to take over their family business. This school may have snooty students, but they’re pretty smart.

            Ever since Adalane’s mother died, she has wanted to attend Carmentia. Her mother attended that school all four years of her high school life. After looking back at her mother’s yearbook, Adalane promised herself that she was going to attend that school, no matter her financial status.

            Now that she has finally gotten into CHA, her dream and goal has finally been met, what else could she ask for?


            The first day of school has finally come, and Adalane was getting anxious. “I can’t wait to get to school, and make new friends,” exclaimed Adalane. “Honey, you know what people say when you can’t wait,” said Adalane’s father, James, “never mind, I don’t know anything catchy to say.”

            “Look dad, we need to start driving to school now. You never know dad, there could be traffic on the free way. Wait here while I get my stuff,” said Adalane with a rush in her voice. As she ran up the stairs to get her backpack and jacket her father waited tiredly at the bottom of the stairs.

            “Laney, you know, it’s only 6 a.m., your school doesn’t start until 9 a.m., there is still a lot of time,” replied Mr. Santiara.

            Ignoring her father’s words completely, Adalane ran down the stairs, rushed out the door and started the car. “Why isn’t my daughter like normal children? Don’t kids now a day’s hate school,” questioned Mr. Santiara to himself as he was preparing to go to the car. While waiting for her father to get in the car, Adalane started to daydream about her future education at Carmentia.

            “The students are probably pleasant, welcoming, and intuitive. It will be nice to have an intelligent conversation with someone who is on the same level as you. Oh, and the boys are another story. They’re almost certainly charming, sweet, and they most likely know how to treat a lady. I just can’t wait any longer, come on dad what’s the hold up,” said Adalane while honking the car horn.

            When Mr. Santiara finally got into the car, he kept asking his daughter whether she still wanted to attend Carmentia, even though Adalane’s answer would always be the same, yes.

            Why did her father keep asking her the same question repeatedly? As if there was something he was trying to keep her away from. Her father knew about the devious things that the students of Carmentia did, he also knew how they liked to toil with people’s feelings. Mr. Santiara saw how the kids of Carmentia made it big on the news by breaking innocent people’s hearts, or even worst drive the other person to their death. He just did not want to see his daughter end up like those people.

            Adalane knew her father was over protective of her, but she also knew when her father was trying to hide something. Since her excitement got the best of her, Adalane simply let this little problem slide.

            Upon arrival, Adalane took a mental note of everything she saw and felt, she even took a picture of the front of the school. To her the school looked like the Mall of America only a little bit bigger. The outside of the school was more than what Adalane expected; it looked like a paradise to her, except at school. Carmentia was not just a high school but it also taught elementary, middle school, and the first four years of college. Adalane was shocked to see all these cars parked in the parking lot. “Man and you thought I was the only one who wanted to get here early? Sometimes dad you could be a little paranoid,” replied Adalane.

            “Well I guess these students are from another planet. Remember Laney, Carmentia is totally different from the schools you’re use to. The people and environment aren’t what you expect them to be,” said Mr. Santiara.

            “You know dad they don’t call this school the number one school in America for nothing. I’m sure it’s a perfectly normal school. Oh yea, before I forget. Don’t pick me up after school. I want to get an up close and personal tour of this school, so I’ll just take the city bus home,” said Adalane.

            “Oaky then kiddo, see you……,” before Mr. Santiara could finish his statement, Adalane slammed the car door and ran off to the entrance of the school, “….. Geez, didn’t know I was going to take up so much of her time,” continued Mr. Santiara.

            When Adalane reached the entrance of the school she wondered where the main office was so that she could pick up her class schedule. “Was it after the door or was it the door before the entrance,” questioned Adalane.

            “It was that door before the entrance,” said a voice behind her.

            Adalane turned around immediately after hearing the voice and gasped at the fact that the most handsome guy figure stood before her. This boy was no ordinary boy that she had ever seen. He looked like one of those Abercrombie and Finch models, except for the whole showing off the abs part and looking sexy. The only intelligent words that Adalane could explain this guy were, “Greek God with the most perfectly sculpted body.”

            After drooling over the hottie, Adalane immediately responded in an unsettling voice, “So that was the main office, that door with the stuff on the front? Okay thanks.”

            Adalane immediately ran away from the hottie and walked back to the front of the school toward the main office. “Ugh, stupid me, I should have at least introduced myself and asked him his name. Why do I have to be so boy flirting illiterate,” said Adalane to herself.

            Meanwhile, as Adalane was walking and talking to herself on the way to the main office, the hottie watched over her to make sure she made it to the main office nice and sound. “Dude, Austin, what are you doing out here? The chicks are waiting for you in the gymnasium, they’re waiting to see you do your stuff,” said hottie Austin’s friend Jake.

            “Do you see that girl over there, the one that is sort of talking to herself while walking,” said Austin as he pointed to Adalane, “She’s got an interesting personality, one that I haven’t seen around here before. It’d be interesting to see more people like her.”

            “Not to burst your whole gay session, but if we don’t get to the basketball game soon the bell will ring and school will start, so come on,” said Jake.

            “Yeah, okay then, let’s beat those loser juniors,” answered Austin while trying not to look back at Adalane.

            Back at the main office, Adalane just received her class schedule, and it seemed as if she didn’t quite understand it. “So my first period is theological studies, what in the world is that? And my second period is mathematical world computation. Well the name seems pretty self explanatory. Sweet I still have orchestra and that’s third period, great cause I could use some music in the morning. Fourth period is music understudy, that’s weird I thought that class was for music major’s only? Okay then, so far my classes are like college course classes. Aren’t my classes suppose to be high school leveled? Ah, good, my last two classes are normal, fifth period government and sixth period chemistry. Yay! I’ve got the last class free. Awesome,” said Adalane to herself.

            While Adalane was reading her class schedule she didn’t notice that she had bumped into some one. Being that she is in Carmentia Heights Academy, school for the important people, she didn’t just bump into any “someone”, she bumped into Abigail Vertadini, daughter of Louie Vertadini. The Vertadini’s were the highest honored family in America because they owned the top five hotels in the world. Unknowingly, Adalane didn’t know that all people in Carmentia weren’t like Austin, the thoughtful and welcoming type of person. From the look of it, Abigail looked way different from that type of personality.

            “Hi, um… you just bumped into me……Uh, hello,” said Abigail to Adalane.

            “Oh, I am so sorry. I didn’t really see you there. You see I’m new here and I was just familiarizing myself with my class schedule which….,” halfway through her sentence, Adalane noticed Abigail raise her hand to acknowledge her to stop.

            “Look, I don’t have much time to chit-chat so I’m just going to cut to the chase. I am Abigail Vertadini, daughter of Louie Vertadini, and I practically run this school and know all the loops and holes around here. I suggest that if you want to get comfortable here you should try to get on my good side. And, since your new here I will let this go as a warning. Oops, it’s pass my breakfast time, it was nice talking to you,” replied Abigail with attitude.

            “Oh sorry, I…..” again before Adalane could finish her sentence Abigail interrupted saying, “It was so nice,” and left.


            It was three hours after the incident between Adalane and Abigail, and third period had barely started. Sitting all alone in a corner, Adalane was starting to feel rejected from the world. Adalane finally came to the conclusion that Carmentia was not what she thought it was. People weren’t so welcoming and nice to her. Every question she asked went unanswered and every time she tried to make conversation with someone they would give her the cold shoulder.

            “Hey, you must be the new girl that everyone is talking about,” said a voice from behind.

            As Adalane turned around to see who was speaking, she noticed the shoes that the person was wearing. These shoes weren’t some old All Star sneakers, they were the classic Jason Air Walkers 2008 edition winter collection. How did Adalane know about these? Well her father was actually the one who introduced these type of shoes to her. Mr. Santiara explained to Adalane that Jason Air Walkers were like walking on clouds.

            “Um.. yea that’s me the new girl. Actually my name is Adalane Santiara. Can I ask you, where did you get your shoes from? Aren’t they in mint condition, so why are you wearing them outside of the box,” said Adalane in astonishment.

            “Uh, ….. I….. I kind of just wanted to welcome you to our school. But we can talk about shoes.  I love them, but of course, since my dad is Jason Daton. By the way my name’s Cassandra. Since you love my shoes, wait till you see my dad’s spring collection. That is if you have time to come over to my house,” said Cassandra with a little excitement in her voice.

            “YEA!! Sure I will. You know my dad love’s your dad. Not in a homo way of course,” said Adalane with embarrassment.

            When Adalane and Cassandra were halfway into their conversation the bell for fourth period rang. “Great, we should continue this conversation sometime after school. How about I show you around the school later on, up close and personal,” replied Cassandra.

            “That sounds good. I guess I will see you after school, later’s,” said Adalane trying to sound hip and cool.


            Time felt very slow to Adalane. It was finally the last class of her day, sixth period chemistry. The day was almost ending and just when things couldn’t get any worst for Adalane, she got assigned to the last desk in the back of the classroom all by herself. Adalane knew that every chemistry class had an even number of students, and she also knew that she would be the odd one out since she just enrolled. Being the only person in the back and all alone was like leaving a baby cub all by its self in a cave, which is how Adalane felt exactly. At least she got this desk all to herself.

            “How am I suppose to hear and pay attention to what the teacher is talking about? I mean…,” before she could complete her thought, something caught Adalane’s eye, chicken scratch writing that spelt out the words, Hi, anybody else sit here?

            Adalane felt somewhat shocked to see that someone else also sat in the same desk she was in. What should she do, respond back or just erase it, because technically writing on school property was a bad thing.

            Good, so I’m not alone, Adalane wrote in response.


            The next day Adalane couldn’t wait to get to sixth period. She wondered if there was going to be a response or if the teacher saw it and decided to erase it completely.

            “I see that you woke up on the right side of the bed. You’re glowing all over. What happened,” asked Cassandra.

            “You know how all chemistry classes have even numbered of students because of labs? Well I’m not the only student left out. Yesterday when I got my assigned seat I saw this writing on the desk. It said Hi, anybody else sit here? So that means that someone else sits there besides me, and of course it’s in another class. I hope they responded back, because it would be interesting to see who this mystery person it,” said Adalane with great hope that there would be a response.

            “You know what would be even cooler, if it were hottie Austin. Actually it would be hilarious if it were him. I mean imagine a guy like him, writing on a desk. Ha that’s a laughing joke,” said Cassandra with a hint of sarcasm.

            “I don’t think that it was Austin the hottie. This person seemed like they wanted to be noticed and related to. I think Austin has plenty of that here, since he’s Mr. Big Shot on campus. Almost every girl at school talks about him like he’s Zac Efron, or Taylor Lautner from that new movie Twilight. As If he’s some kind of superstar, which he is kind of, but that is besides the fact. Austin wouldn’t be that kind of guy, trust me,” said Adalane.

            “What would be funnier is if it were his best friend, Jake. Or if it were a girl? Now that’s a laughing matter,” said Cassandra.


            Finally it was sixth period. Adalane ran straight for her desk at the back. Before looking at the desk Adalane was suddenly called to the attendance office. Like anything worst could keep her from looking at the desk.

            Without hesitation Adalane rushed out the door hoping to make it to the attendance office in two minutes tops.

            When she arrived at the attendance office Adalane saw someone she didn’t expect to see, Austin the hottie.

            “Uh, hi again. Someone named Mrs. Fritz called me up here,” announced Adalane loudly in the office.

            “You know, you don’t have to use your outside voice, we are inside a building,” said Austin.

            “Sorry,” answered Adalane.

            “Mrs. Fritz is back there, the second door on your right,” said Austin.

            “Thanks,” said Adalane.

            Adalane felt even more embarrassed with how she acted. Why did she even speak loud in the first place? How was she going to deal with this big problem?


            After spending thirty minutes with Mrs. Fritz, the attendance lady, Adalane was even more anxious to get to chemistry.

            Almost out of breath, Adalane entered the room with deep breaths and heavy footsteps. While walking, everyone was staring at her in a weird and strange glare. She didn’t care why people were staring at her, she only cared about getting to that desk.

            Finally at the desk Adalane threw her bag on the ground and quickly but quietly read to herself the message that was left under her last message, look under the desk.

            “What? Why,” asked Adalane to herself.

            Adalane quickly looked under the desk and realized that there was a note sticking at the bottom of the desk. Careful not to arouse any suspicion, Adalane hastily opened the note and read:

Dear Anonymous desk girl,

            How did this person know she was a girl?

            It’s nice to know that someone beside me sits back here. Don’t you just feel like an abandoned monkey? LOL, that was a joke. Your probably wondering how I knew you were a girl. Well it’s simple your hand writing is very feminine. It’s pretty funny that you responded to my message, I thought no one was going to answer it so I was ready to be disappointed. I wish I could know who you were, because I feel like we could share something, maybe it’s not love but maybe a friendship that revolves around being a loner in chemistry class. Sorry got to go, the teacher is starting to wake up from his little nap. Hope you respond back.


Anonymous desk boy

            Adalane quickly took out a sheet of paper and wrote back in reply:

Dear Anonymous desk boy,

            I think it’s pretty funny how we have funny names for each other and we don’t really know one another. I think it would be a great idea to meet each other, but it might be quite too soon. Let’s keep it like this and see how far our conversations go. Don’t worry someday we will meet, maybe before the year ends. Yea, that seems like a good idea. Great, that was the bell, don’t want to stay behind making people wonder even more about me. Please do respond back.


Anonymous desk girl