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The Rider on the White Horse - Suspense
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Apr 21, 2008 06:00 PM Introduction
mhoffman1 started with:
Many years ago in the Church called 'Catholic' it was forbidden for the Laity to read that mysterious Book called 'Revelation'. We guys in this 'Laity' might come up with some very wrong ideas. Only the wisest of men called Priests could do this. Well today I might eat something on Fridays other than that item called seafood and really not be in such of a danger of Mortal sin. And the 'burning fires' of that place called 'Hell' where even the 'Devil' shivers. Well, guess what, I started to read this Holy Book. And then I started to shiver. Something about that chapter called 'The Rider' on that Horse. Somethings that even Lindsey might not even know. I know who it was. It was the Warrior 'God' called Muhammmed. I know this for sure now. For the Bible told me so. He was faithful and and true (Don't leave just yet. I have much more to say.) And He was out to save his people. Because Heaven had opened up. He also had a lot of people in white following him. He was among the Kings of the Earth. He was off to the Wedding feast of the Lamb and no-one could stop him. He trod the winepress of the mighty wrath of the 'Almighty'. And no-one could stop him. And the Angels were calling 'Come gather for the great Banquet'. Why shoudn't he attend also. For the beasts were gathering and their armies were ready. And he knew all about the Woman clothed with the Sun. And the Baby boy she was about to deliver. For this was of great significance. The angels had told him so. And he knew a humble Ass (or donkey if you prefer) would not get him there in time. He must ride a great White Steed. An Arabian perhaps. And they had already started their testimony. And the Temple ws measured and the worshippers were being counted. The thunder of their wars could be heard throughout the World. And the Dragon was threatening the humble Mother and Child. Yet he had armies with him to defeat this awful beast who would threaten a Mother and Child that way. Yes I know who that Rider was and nothing must keep him from that banquet in the Sun. .