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The Pale-Man - Super-natural
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Aug 24, 2010 09:10 PM Introduction
John_Drydin started with:
Hey there stranger welcome to Coppertown,  what brings you to this little neck of the woods. Just passing through you say, well that’s probably for the best.  You see, folks around here aren’t to fond of strangers ever since the pale-man blew through town like a foul wind.  But, that’s not very good getting-to-know-you conversation, my name is Philipperis Jones, most folks just call me Phil though.  If you need a room for the night Emit always has an open room at the old lions den boarding house.  I bet he would give you a good deal on it too considering that you are the first guest he has had in a while.  C’mon we’ll get you checked in.  Oh you’re lookin’ for a hot meal?  Hmmm, well Emit’s wife, old Mama Bastion is makin’ up her world famous meatloaf tonight.  She always makes more than enough for her and Emit, and of course she would be happy to share some with a paying customer.  Bar? Well yea we got a bar in town, the white wall tavern just down the street. Yea it looks a little run down now, but before the mines shut down the old White Wall was the busiest bar in three counties.  It’s only been ten years,  since the pale-man drained the life from this little slice of paradise.  I was workin’ down the old number five shaft when they found the first body.  It was young  Andrew Dentch, they found him face down in gutter creek. He was the first, but the Pale-man claimed quite a few before he was…..banished, but all of that is really not good conversation.  If you need fuel before you leave, talk to Chet down at the Tar Pit, that’s the little garage at the end of the street.  Yup seems like everything in this sleepy little village is just down the street, but that’s because we only have one real street here in Coppertown.  Yea it’s a little small but, without traffic from the mines we don’t need more than one main street.  Why did the mines shut down?  Well you see that depends on who you ask…. The big-wigs at the mines told the reporters that they were shutting down to “explore more lucrative opportunities”. What ever that means?  Those of us that lived through the Pale-man know different though,  but none of  that makes polite conversation.  If you want to see the mines themselves, you can’t.  Yea after the hauled Vic’s body out of shaft twelve, the mine’s executives decided to cut their losses and seal up the mines, they even blocked the roads(most of them anyway).  Vic, you wanna know about old Victor Harris? Well him and I were thick as thieves growing up, we even started workin shaft number five strait out of high school. He was the bad influence that always got the rest of us boys into trouble, always up for a good time.  That love of life earned him a reputation as a troublemaker. No one would have guessed that he would be the one to save us from the Pale-man.  Not that any of that story can be told in polite company, such as yourself.  Speaking of Vic, his family runs the little trinket shop down the street, I his brother Don took over when their parents died.  Yea if you get time stop down at Harris Supply, you just might find something you can’t live without.  Tell Don I sent you, and I’m sure he’ll fix you up with anything you need.  The only other store in town is the sweet tart bakery, run by Berta and Ron Smith.  Do they make doughnuts!? They most certainly do, the sweet tart makes the best baked goods in town. Of course, that might be because they are the only bakery in town.  What’s that, you say your cell phone is on the fritz?  Well that’s because there’s something in the mountains that disrupts the signals.  No, the closest phone is about twenty miles back the way you came. Secluded you say?  We most certainly are cut off from the rest of the world, the town hasn’t been put on any maps for almost ten years. That’s because some powerful men want the world to forget what happened to copper town when the pale-man came.  Maybe it’s better that the world forget about copper town and the pale-man, but maybe our silence will let the pale-man destroy another town. I’m sorry, I must just be boring you to death with all my talking.  I’ll just head home and let you get checked in to a room down at the lion’s den. What’s that, you want to hear more about the pale-man?  Well that’s not exactly dinner table chit-chat, but if you really want to hear it I have no problem telling it.  To tell the truth, I tend to believe that the only reason I’m still kickin’ is to tell the rare tourist about the pale-man.  Come on after we get you a room and a hot meal, I’ll tell you all about the pale-man.  
Apr 21, 2011 10:58 AM Entry #1
McGills wrote:
Howdy Stranger, I hear you're looking for a room.  Well you've come to the right place.  The names Emit, oh but I suppose Phil already told ya tha'.  We've got lots of empty rooms, all of 'em in fact.  You can have your pick of the lot.  Here I'll give ya the walking tour, leave your bag here if ya want and when you got your room selected we can come back for it.  Don't mind the dust, even with the mines shut down its impossible to get it out of the air, it clings to everything, except for the pale-man's victims.  Listen to me supposin' Phil told you about the pale-man.  Oh he did?  Not too surprisin', he likes to talk.  But anyways the victims all came out of the mine shafts crystal clean as if none of 'em were born here; and they all were.  The bodies were never cleaner than the days they died.  Here's the first room.  Its kinda big for one person but if you want an extra bed to spread out on nobody's gonna mind.  Costs the same as any other room, no need to charge extra to my only customer.  No, sorry.  No internet in this town, same problem as with the cell phones, that fancy laptop you got ain't gonna do you no good out here.  If ya got a gps that probably don't work either.  I can't explain it to ya, never had the luxury of owning anythin' like it anyway.  Here's number 2.  Smaller than the first but warmer I think.  Never had a complaint about this room, other than the lighting.  But its been bad all over town, ever since the pale-man.  Always flickerin'.  People tried to blame it on shoddy wiring, but I think it's something else.  But anyway your eyes get used to it after a time.  Don't really notice it anymore.  These rooms are all the same, 3, 4, and 5.  The builders were triplets and each wanted to design their own rooms, and here you have it, 3 identical rooms for 3 identical people.  Sad for 'em that they didn't all die at the identical time.  It was like they got picked off or sumthin' one at a time, vindictive like ya know?  But I'll let Phil tell ya about tha', he loves that story.  You're right, loves the wrong word.  Tha's the part of the story he wants everyone to hear.  Not really a nice story if you ask me.  And here's rooms 6 and 7, both of 'em are "suites" or whatever you wanna call it.  They're just a little bigger with baths instead of showers.  But folks have told me there's something creepy in 'em.  I'd recommend not stayin'  in these rooms if you ask me.  Oh, that at the end of the hall?  No.  Tha's not a room you can stay in.  Well, no.  It is a room but the pale-man stayed there.  You don't want to sleep in there if you can help it.  You don't want to go anywhere near that room if you can help it.  Me n the wife avoid it like the plague.  Which reminds me, she should have a meal prepared for ya real shortly.  You know which room you want?  Number 2?  Yeah, you're right it probably is the most normal room we got at this point.  But there's not much left in this town that ain't tainted by the pale-man.  It's like he never left.  Supposin' tha's what he wanted tho.  Maybe he never wants us to forget him.  Oh don't worry I'll carry the bag for ya.  Now here's the room key an' the dining room is just off to the left of this room but first we'll head back to the right.  Drop yer stuff off and let you settle in.  When you're ready for some supper it'll be in the dining room.  Phil'll probably meet you in there.  He disappears from time to time but he always comes back in time to tell a tale.