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The Drifter - Super-natural
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Apr 07, 2010 02:55 PM Introduction
Robbo started with:
Tex West's Barbeque joint was famous for two things, and two things alone. First of all it had the worst star rating in all of Winters. Secondly, it was the busiest goddamn eatery in all of Texas. Apart from the commercial fella's of course.
  It was safe to say that Tex west had an ego on him, a large filthy ego to match his large filthy shirt. Why, he thought he was the goddamn mayor parading around the town in his shitbox pickup, chatting provocatively with the girls of the town. So imagine his suprise when a drifter comes calling late into the night with a grin as big as a piano and an attitude the size of Utah.
  Tex didn't like to be disturbed and this unorthadox disturbance was really pissing with his body clock.
  "Why good evening good sir" said the stranger, his grin slicing his face in two.
  "Nothing too good about it from where I'm standing...and I'm no saint either" replied Tex. His stained shirt open exposing his naked gut to the elements.
  "Whatcha want?"
  "Why I've come to sample the delights of your cuisine. This is Tex West's Barbeque house right?" said the stranger, his smile still plastered over his face as if it were fake.
  Tex stares at the stranger before pointing to the sign above his door.
  "observent aren't ya!"
  "Oh I dont like to brag Mr West...let's just say I saw the sign...and aroused my interest."
  "You know it's one in the morning right" replied Tex surveying the stranger with confusion.
  "I don't know where you're from boy but round these parts...people like to get an honest nights sleep if you catch my drift"
  "consider it caught Mr West and with two hands at that" replied the stranger, his eyes becoming darker in the gloom of the night.
  "Run along now...come back tommorow opening hours are ten while five...except sunday...we're closed sunday"
  "The lord's day?" asked the stranger.
  "No it's my day...the lord has nothin to do with long now" Tex attempts to make his way back into the building but comes to a sudden stop in the doorway. He reaches for his throat violently in a desperate attempt to breath. The stranger begins to whistle a merry tune at the sight of Tex in trouble. He remains still however in the darkness. Tex falls to his knees and stares into the dark eyes of the stranger. His eyes widen in his struggle for oxygen as the stranger's tighten.
  "help" croaks Tex now on the floor. The stranger's eyes tighten further as Tex surffers another violent gasp for air. The stranger remains still, seemingly inflicting the pain on Tex without moving an inch, without lifting a finger.
  "Oh I'm pretty sure it's you who can help me...if you catch my drift?" replies the stranger, before rushing into the building, dragging Tex's gasping body behind him.....