Campfire Story

The Clown - Mystery
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Sep 15, 2010 01:31 PM Introduction
WritingAngel started with:
The fair buzzed around me, I've always hated fairs but it's my friends birthday so, well, I didn't want to upset her. Suddenly I spotted a clown, and for a moment I just stood there staring, there was something odd about him, a shiver ran down my spine. "Come on!" grinned, my friend, Kate, I turned my head to look at the clown, but he was gone...
Nov 25, 2010 02:53 PM Entry #1
Grandlin wrote:
I rose upon the tips of my toes to see if he had disappeared amongst the crowds, but before I could look any further Kate grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me over to the coconut shy. I'd never been a strong thrower in my school days, I didn't have any reason to believe I would be any better now. Besides I was still thinking about that clown, maybe he was deliberately trying to freak me out as part of some ill-judged practical joke.

Kate had placed a ball in my hand.

"Hey are you gonna throw that ball or not?" called the amusement worker.

Kate pushed me.

"Okay, okay," I insisted,"Watch this..."

I threw the ball with all my strength and saw it spiral wide. Kate laughed; I shrugged. She was up next.

"Hey, it's harder than it looks," I called.

Kate proceed to throw the ball carefree towards the general direction of the coconuts. The ball struck it and the coconut toppled.

"You were saying?!" She laughed.

I couldn't believe it - it must have been beginners luck or something, I gave a wry smile and walked forward to pick the coconut off the floor. As I held it in my hands I felt the warm milk seeping down my wrist. Kate shrieked. I looked down to see blood dripping from its husk.

Jan 18, 2011 03:56 AM Entry #2
native3 wrote:

I stared at the blood for a long time in disbelief. Thiscannot be right. Is this some kind of elaborate prank they are playing on me, Ithought. I turned back half expecting that kate would burst out laughing. But herface looked as horrified as me. But what made my blood go cold was, the clownwas back again. He was standing a few yards away from kate with a mysterioussmile on his face. It made him look dangerous.

People were gathering around us now, watching the coconutand me as though I had something to do with it. Kate was still frozen in herplace and had not uttered a word.

“Come on kate, we go to leave” I said curtly.

Kate stood there, just looking at me. I called her again. Buther eyes were fixed on the bloody coconut I was holding. I noticed that theblood was not running down my hands dripping on the ground. I threw it awaytowards the backyard of the fair. I washed my hand and came back to kate. Now theclown was gone. Something is wrong with him, I knew. I had no reason for this,but I just knew. His face glowed with danger.

I tried to forget the coconut incident. But it just kept comingback to me. This is the reason I hated fairs. They were never fun for me.

Feb 01, 2011 10:29 PM Entry #3
Karma wrote:
 but, even though I hated fairs. The day was just beginning for me and Kate. She wanted to stay a while longer to try out other games, but I had different intentions. Meanwhile, we walked and talked about what had just happened and agreed to disagree the whole thing. We pratically shook it off as if nothing had happened and decided to play around at the dunking booth. We each decided to not to argue to each other about any mishaps that might happen when we played. She went 1st and missed, "Not likely", she said. I didn't say anything back, because I was still pondering The unforgetting look on the clown's face. *Bing!*. The dunking contestant fell in the water with a spalsh. "Weeee have our winnerrrr!!!", the announcer said. "What will the prize be for our lucky winner?", he asked. "I'll take the stuffed clown", I said. With a grin on my face. As if this day couldn't get any weirder.