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The Broken Road - Romance
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Oct 01, 2010 09:01 PM Introduction
lovelaugh_write started with:
      Sitting on the side of the highway in the pouring rain was not how I would have wanted to spend my Saturday night, but unfortunately the gods thought it was what I should be doing. I guess it was my fault though, considering I decided I had to hitchhike all the way to California from New York. I had made it halfway there, but my luck was running out. I had been trying all day for a ride and no one had bothered picking me up.
     And so there I sat, soaking wet in the grass and feeling hopeless. This had been a dumb idea, completely idiotic. I sighed heavily, hearing the roar of an engine as it slowed to a stop. I glanced up to see a large black pick-up idling in front of me and wondered if my luck had finally picked back up.

Nov 05, 2010 07:10 PM Entry #1
zaccats wrote:
The door opened, and as I looked up I saw a sight that no one should ever have to witness. A long leg appeared from the open door and slithered out of the cabin. My eye line ascended and there was the most horrible face any one could ever wish not to see.
'Ya wanta a ride' the croaky voice said.
'Well thank you' I replied not knowing what fate awaited me I was however relieved to be getting out of the rain.
I mounted the running boards off the truck and sat on a stiff seat. The ugly guy who had offered the ride jumped in and I was sandwiched between him and the driver.
Where ya going?' asked the ugly man.
'California !' I replied.
'Well we can take you as far as the border,' the croaky voice became soft and tender.
The pick up thrust through the twilight until we came to a road house, where out the back stood a row of motel rooms.
'We'll camp here for the night,'  said the driver we can make better time in the morning.'
I was puzzled as to how I could afford to pay for my accomodation.
But I have no...'
Don't worry kid,' said the ugly man 'we'll figure out some sort of repayment.'
Come on kid' the drive swung an arm over his head as he trudged toward the reception. He had an evil grin on his face that made me shudder.