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May 18, 2008 12:25 PM Introduction
Kooterbobette started with:
A tear slips down my face. I had waited for this, waited so long. Now every hope, every dream was smashed to pieces. All I knew would not help me. All I cared for was gone. But maybe there was hope. I sat up straiter. Ralak was lying. I just knew it. My parents were not dead.
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Jun 06, 2008 11:50 PM Entry #2
Waggy wrote:
My father loved a cup of Earl Grey with a spritzer of lemon. He was so goofy. most of the time he ended up shooting lemon juice in his eye or on his shirt. One time he even got me clear across the room! "Shana come here," trying to dry up the tears from all the laughter. "We have so much fun don't we daughter, but life is not always like this. As you grow up you will make many friends I have no doubt, but with friends also come enemies. I will not always be here to shield and protect you from those pains. You must promise me that if ever you are in trouble and we are not here you will take this key to the third crypt of the left of your grandfather's grave. Tell no one and follow the stairs until tere are no more. Promise me daughter! Promise me you will do this!" I frowned, "Yes Father, but never will there a day"......
Jul 12, 2008 10:22 AM Entry #3
I wiped the distant memory from my mind. My parents had been missing for two weeks so I followed my father's instructions. Now I had this letter and more questions than answers. I read the letter again. "The tunnels of the dead show the way. Trust only those who hold the star." My father signed the letter and that was that. I knew I needed to find out what my parents' worked on to figure out what was going on.
Aug 21, 2008 09:36 PM Entry #4
sdennick wrote:
Understanding was impossible, I had to take action. My hand shook only slightly as I held the silver pistol to Ralak's head. "Empty out your safe you viper," I said. My luck was turning, he had $1800 in cash, ten credit cards, and a diamond ring engraved with EG. I took everything, even his passport. "If they are dead, I'll be back to make you pay!" I locked him in with the Napolean III furniture. Antique dealers are such weak scum. I took a plane to London, a train to Berlin, and bought the first horse I could find outside Magdeburg. I didn't need anyone tailing me to the crypt. The "tunnels of the dead" had to be there, and so would I, in two more hours of hard riding.
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