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Remembering-1 - Mystery
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Oct 21, 2008 02:46 PM Introduction
jeremiah started with:
The old man walked out of his little apartment and into the night. He found a quiet place and sat down, leaned back and looked up at the stars. He hadn’t done this since he was a kid and he didn’t really know why he was doing it now. He just got the impulse to go out and look at the stars. There weren’t as many as there were when he was a kid many years ago. The ones he saw were different now, even the ones he knew weren’t quite the same anymore. But then again neither was he, so it didn’t really matter. As he looked up he saw one star larger than all the rest and it was a perfect circle of light. As he watched it he realized it was growing larger and larger. It reminded him of something he had seen long years ago, and it wasn’t a star. He blinked and looked away for just a second and when he looked back it was gone leaving only a reddish trail in the night sky. He had seen that before also and knew what it was. There was no mistaking what that was, it was only made by one thing, plasma energy. He remembered it well now as if it was only yesterday. He was a young soldier at the time. He was in communications and as such had several high level clearances. Because of this he was often tasked to go along with the commander or some other high ranking officer to check on certain secure facilities. Some of these were laboratories where all kinds of experiments were carried on. He liked to hang around the scientists and listen to them talk of the work they were doing. It was while on one of these that he had seen the testing of an experimental propulsion system that used plasma energy. The rumor was that it was a system that had been back engineered from a crashed UFO. Some time later he and a friend had seen a UFO one night and that same reddish trail in the night sky. Now over fifty years later he was seeing it again. It made him wonder, were they really here again. Had the visitors came back or was it one of our own that was up there now exploring the dark reaches of space.
Jun 19, 2010 01:40 AM Entry #1
Ren wrote:
A bead of sweat ran down the side of his face, and he quickly brushed it away.  "It's one of ours."  He tried to convince himself.  If the visitors were back, he didn't think that he could face them again.  He had been a young man the first time, and he'd thought that he was invincible.  Now he was old, and he knew that life was precious and fleeting.  "I know it's one of ours,"  he repeated as he rose from the wooden bench and walked back toward the pink stucco apartment building.  "Ugh."  How had he ever allowed his daughter Phillis to move him into this prissy looking dump.  Retirement living, leading to assisted living, leading to convalescent home, leading to...  He picked up the phone and dialed the only contact that he still had on the base.  Everyone else was either retired like him or dead.  The phone rang for a long time, then a man answered.  "Yeah?"  The old man didn't quite recognize the voice on the other end.  "Buddy?"   "Major Smith, is that you?"  The old man replied.  "Man, it's good to hear your voice.  How long has it been, ten years since your dad passed away?  I was just saying to..."  "No need for small talk, sir.  We both know why you're calling." The younger man lowered his voice as if someone might be listening.   "You saw it; didn't you?" 
Sep 13, 2010 03:08 PM Entry #2
He was shocked at this sudden outbreak "Um, did I see what?" he said, although he knew perfectly well what he had meant. "Come on, don't try and hide it, you saw the plasma energy, and no, it's not one of ours." The end of his speech was greeted by a long silence, which was broken by the old man, "Oh...well, it was nice speaking with you, bye." The man put the phone down abruptly, he was sweaty and shaking. He was just about to get into bed, when the phone rang. Hand still shaking, he picked it up.The same voice said, "Hi", but this time he sounded desperate "Please, something terrible has happened, you're the only one surviving who remembers the last time this happened, help, please!" The old man thought about this for a while, "Surely not, he was much too old." Finally he said "I'll think about it," the man on the other end seemed to be jumping up and down with desperation now, "Okay, but but be quick, please, we need your help"...