Campfire Story

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Apr 12, 2008 06:10 PM Introduction
Bluez started with:
I was in a bar, which isn't anything new, but I was in a bar far out of town, in a place I had never seen before, let alone heard of. I felt at peace there though, the smells, the noises, the people that you might or might not meet there. Though I had tried not to notice anyone there, it was hard to ignore the woman on my far right. She was very beautiful, but that was too easy, everyone see's that and makes the mistake of telling her that. She doesn't want to hear another compliment on her eyes, her breasts, which were natural, and she was proud of that fact, or her ass, which she had to admit was too big, and yet she found that some men actually liked that. She wanted someone that saw beneath all of that, someone that could see her heart and not want to break it as soon as he did, some one that saw the little girl she was inside. Not innocent by any means, she was clearly enjoying the attention she was getting from all those men, but she was not a tramp, she was very discreet and selective, and it wasn't just because of any number of deseases she might catch out there, things that she knew she wouldn't be able to just wash off, but more so because she respected herself, because she cared about what she would remember the day after. So he waited, let them make fools of themselves and quietly nursed his Wild Turkey on ice, he knew she would come there because she wouldn't be able to help herself. Not because he was a great looking men, which he didn't think he was, or because he was sexy and he had a laugh at that one, but because he was the only guy in the room not pandering to her at the time, not trying to jump over the others to impress her. He was right too, he had seen her watching him more than once, and when he came back from the men's room, she was at his table, alone and waering a very nice smile on her face.
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May 02, 2008 05:04 PM Entry #1
Her voluptuous lips curled in a seductive manner as she spoke. I returned her greeting without too much enthusiasm, even though I was elated. She slid her chair closer and spoke in a hushed tone that sent shivers up my spine. Her breath smelled invitingly sweet and I desperately wanted to taste her sweet lips. She spoke with her eyes and her hands. One of her gestures, accidently, sent her drink spilling into my lap.
May 03, 2008 03:05 PM Entry #2
debby wrote:
The ice cold liquid trickled down my leg eliminating the bulge I was begining to develope. She leisurely reached for her napkin and began her attempt at mopping up the spill. Her hand lingered by my zipper, long enough for me to resume my prespill momentum. I put my hand over hers and looked into her green eyes and introduced myself, "I'm Greg."
Jun 08, 2008 06:56 PM Entry #3
Kitsune wrote:
She smiled up at me. "Lilly." The name rolled off her tongue like water from a flower petal. She pulled back slowly, her gaze never leaving mine. I leaned back. We talked for a few minutes, even though we both knew what was on the other person's mind, and it didn't envolve talking. After a few minutes, she stood up. "I should head home now. But I don't have a ride." I grinned up at her, catching that secret invitaion. "I could take you."
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