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Of The Blood - Suspense
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May 08, 2008 03:35 PM Introduction
lanaia74 started with:
I am very proud I was hand picked to be a servant to Countess Erzebet Bothary. Being in Hungary at the turn of the seventeenth century, working for the countess beats being on the streets. At least I will have a warm bed and food in my stomach. The countess is a widow, so she has decided we will move to Vienna. Sometimes I just don't understand my mistress. Like if I do something she doesn't like her means of punishment can be very harsh. At times she might stick pens in a sensitive body part, or chop off someone's fingers, or beat someone until she hears the breaking of bones. At times, in the winter, if she is very mad at you, you could be douched with water and left outside to freeze to death. So at times she can be very ruthless. My mistress has an insatiable thirst for blood. She believes if she bathes in the blood, she will remain forever young. I had no idea she obtained the blood from young girls that fell victim to her morbid beliefs by murder. I had no idea, until one day she thought of me as a victim. I had just settled in for the night, when I was told to go to my mistress because she was not feeling well. Having no idea of what she actually had in mind, I gladly obliged. This big house I serve has so many rooms if you are not careful, you could easily get lost. The countess has money, no denying this. I often wonder why my mistress is so cruel. What has happened to this women, that has everything, to make her so cruel? I knew of my mistress and her cruelty, but I never thought she would resort to murder. So I unsuspectingly go to my mistress's bed chamber. She is lying on her bed holding her head, as if she has a headache. There is a tray of food beside her bed, and from the looks of things, she hasn't touched it at all. So she must be very ill. I ask her what I may do for her. She replies by first asking me to check the fire in the fireplace, and then if I would get her a drink. This is my job so I gladly comply. I feel very obliged to my mistress, because of her I am not on the streets. Women these days and times, have a hard time, especially with no education. So I feel very appreciative toward my mistress. After I check the fire and get her a drink, she asks me to sit by her bedside and read to her. I am one of her few servants that can read. She wants me to read to her as this may relax her easing off her headache. I gladly do this for my mistress, with no suspicions of what the future holds. I sit on her bed and start reading from a book. At this time, she takes my hand and tries to bite me, Naturally, I immediately stand up and ask her is she crazy? She justs laughs, as she wildly flings her head back, with a look of insanity in her eyes. She stands up and stands before me, just hysterically laughing. She always keeps a saber beside her bed, I guess for the sake of protection. She picks this up and starts violently swinging. I was luckier than most of her victims, I got away. I take out charges against her for attempted murder. So on this note, we will go to trial. Another servant found a book which she gave to the magistrate. A book, in her own handwriting of the names of all her victims. Mote than 650, and all young women. Hard to believe someone could have insanity such as this. Not only was she on trial for attempted murder, but for the murder of all those innocent young women. She was found guilty, and sentenced to life imprisonment, to a small room in her own castle. She only lived for three more years. After her imprisonment, it was told of the bizarre rituals she used the blood for. She really thought if she bathed in blood she would retain eternal youth. Insanity? You bet. Most serial killers are male but I think we are looking at the first female here. Countess Erzebet Bothany on of the greatest so called vampire killers of all times. Go to sleep now, and remember turn out the lights. But can you close your eyes?
May 08, 2008 03:37 PM Entry #1
lanaia74 wrote:
This was one of the first stories I ever wrote, so please be kind! Lol!