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Nightstalker - Super-natural
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Jul 29, 2011 02:42 PM Introduction
Sinality started with:

Salvinor watched her target, her prey closely, as she looked down at her soon to be victim from the rooftop. The moon’s rays illuminated the path before her, though she could smell rain in the air. A most welcome event, as the rain would muffle any sounds and wash away any evidence that she might leave behind. Though she always worked at night, it was a good omen to her when it decided to rain. The night air smelt crisp and moist, a sure sign of coming rain. This job was going to be an easy one.

                Licking her lips, she smiled as she watched her target enter a back alley, the very one that the roof she stood on over looked. Her target was a drug dealer as well as a child molester, a monster amongst humans, but did he even know what a true monster was? A true demon? Well no matter, her client wanted this man dead after he had kidnapped, drugged up, molested and killed a seven year old girl, the client’s daughter. She had no love for justice, she was only in it for the money, plus there was just something about the hunt that got her blood sizzling.

                Just as her target walked down the alley, dark clouds covered the moon and a loud crackle of thunder roared across the sky. Only moments later blankets of rain poured down upon the city. Perfect timing. This job was going to be a bit too easy.  Jumping off the roof, she descended into the alley below.

Roger Kemp stood in the darkness, trying to get out of prying eyes, as he waited for his regulars to show up. Business was going pretty good, though there was a bit of a set back after he had kidnapped the mayor’s daughter. How was he supposed to know that that young red haired green eyes brat belonged to the mayor? He was sure that the mayor had people sweeping the city for him, so he told himself that after this exchange, he was going to flee the city.

                He looked up as the moon disappeared behind heavy rain clouds. “Damnit! I knew I should have brought my umbrella,” he said to himself as he looked around him, finding a discarded plastic bag. “Well it’s not an umbrella, but it’ll do, I suppose.” Placing his goods on the ground, he kneeled down to pick up the plastic bag. Just as he reached for it, it started to pour. Quickly placing the bag over his head, he stood back up.

                Checking his watch, moments later, Roger let out a heavy sigh. He was starting to doubt if his regulars would be showing up in this weather. He hoped so though, he needed the money to bail town. 

                Pacing back and forth, he began to feel very uneasy, as if he was being watched, but it was hard to hear anything other then the rain. It was coming down even harder, making it hard to see very far infront of him. However, no matter how he tried, he could not shake the feeling of being watched.

                Over the sound of the rain, he did hear what sounded like someone or something splashing. Turning quickly in that direction, he came face to face with a pair of red eyes. That is all he saw as he felt something jab into his chest. It was the last thing he felt as he looked down at the hole his chest and the clawed hand that held his still beating heart. He tried to reach out to his heart as death took him. He fell on the wet pavement, as his heart was discarded and threw on his now lifeless body.

                “Another job down,” Salvinor sighed as she kneeled down and reached into Roger Kemp’s pocket, receiving a signal locket, proof that she had eliminated her target. This one did not give her any resistance, any thrill. Rather boring. When was she going to get targets that would present a challenge? She had taken out twenty rapists, drug dealers, and murderers within the past week. The police were baffled by the amount of criminals that have been found dead in such a short time. It was enough to make her laugh. Silly humans.

                Standing up, she walked out of the alley, not letting the rain bother her as she made her way back to her apartment. She would return to her client tomorrow, there were things she wanted to get done tonight. She had been sensing an increase in demonic energies and that would not do at all. This city was her turf, her hunting ground. She would not allow any demon to take over.

                Reaching her apartment, she pulled out the key and stuck it in the keyhole and paused. She was being watched, she could feel it. She had been watched for some time, since she came out of the alley. Did someone see her take out Roger Kemp? No, the rain was far too heavy for anyone to see very far infront of them by the time she made the official kill. This was something else. But what? Turning the key, she opened the door to her apartment and stepped inside and turned on the light.


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Aug 24, 2011 07:21 AM Entry #1
Jenwales wrote:
She didn't recognise the man. The sweet smell of his deodrant filled the room, cloying her senses. He smiled at her and held out a thin white hand. She'd never have forgotten those electric blue eyes and bright yellow hair, worn long but tied back with a dark band. How had he gotten in?
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Salvinor? I'm Luc." He withdrew his hand and smiled. Is that all he did was smile? He looked human but his eyes were too bright, the colour of his hair too perfect. Was this the demon she had sensed? He didn't look like any demon she'd seen.
"This is my territory," she growled and stepped toward him, a retreat would have been weak although she wanted to get away from the sweet scent sticking in her throat, how could he stand it?
"Really?" He raised an eyebrow. "Good job tonight."
"You followed me."
"No, not me. I have my... minions- that's the word that comes to mind." He laughed. "Minions, sounds like I'm an evil cartoon character."
She'd never bet a demon with a sense of human either.
"Who are you? What do you want?"
"No pleasantries? Ok, straight to business, a woman of action." He sat down on the only chair in the room, she didn't bother with luxuries, she wasn't human she didn't need them. He lounged and examined his fingernails, looking at her as he spoke. "You can't kill humans anymore. It's not allowed." She opened her mouth to protest but he didn't allow her a chance to protest. "They may be murderers but they are human. They require a trial and imprisonment. They are only human- not monsters, just silly little humans playing god- much like you are. Dispencing judgement."
"Who said I belive in God?"
He sneered. "Nobody."
Salvinor went over to the kitchen sink and poured herself a drink, the smell was giving her a headache, what was it?
"I don't see why you need the money anyway, it's not as though you're are using it to spruce this place up," he looked around with distaste. "Heard of a vaccum. Yuk."
She wasn't really listening, her head felt heavy, she had to lean against the sink. The water didn't make a difference, she could still taste that perfume, it's all she could smell, all she could taste, it overpowered the usual chlorine taste of the water, she felt like she was drinking the perfume. Her legs wobbled, she held onto the sink for support. She reached towards the windwo to open it. It seemed so far away, her hand couldn't reach. She watched the window dance before her eyes and tried to turn to face Luc. Salvinor's foot slipped, Luc caught her before she fell onto the carpet. Her skin tingled where his hands touched her but her body felt too heavy to respond to her commands.
Luc beckoned to somebody standing outside the door. "I knew you wouldn't be an easy person to talk to. What you are smelling is a chemical which my kind is resident to but your kind can't abide." He opened all the windows in the room. "Restrain her." The man tied her up with two chains making her limbs feel heavier.
"If you don't stop killing humans you will be charged and dealt with. The humans have found out. They've found me." Salvinor blinked at him. "Yes, they know we exist, at least the governments do. They keep us a secret from the people." He sighed. "Such a shame I had to do this to you. No matter. You will feel better soon. Then I want you to do something for me," he smiled and knelt down to observe her face. "Something you may enjoy. A challenge. There's some demons growing in number, would you like to help me get rid of them? Well do it for me really, I don't like to get my hands dirty or break a nail." He gritted his teeth and waited for a reply. "Get the antidote so she can speak, give her just enough for her to speak. I don't want to have to fight her."
Sep 14, 2011 02:19 PM Entry #2
Sinality wrote:
      Luc's minions did as he commanded. Lifting her head, one of them forced her mouth open , pouring the bitter brown liquid down her throat, rubbing her throat to ensure that she swallowed and not spit it out. She could feel the cool liquid run down her throat and she gagged, although it had no scent. The whole time she glared up at Luc, wanting to rip his heart from his chest for not only invading her territory, but for telling her what to do and for treating her in such a matter. She had been a bounty hunter for humans for hundreds of years and now she was being told to stop? All because he had been discovered by the more powerful humans? Sounded more like he was pouting to her. 
     A smile crossed her face. 
    "Aww, you poor thing. Humans have known of demon-kind for centuries. Rather thinking us myth or knowing for sure we exist. You, personally, being discovered as demon has nothing to do with me. As for me needing money, I like my toys, and upgrades cost money," she said, wishing the rest of her body was not paralyzed, so she could show off her collection of toys; military knives, semi-automatic weapons, rocket launchers, poisons and acids. She loved her arsenal and kept it hidden, scattered all over the city.
     Suddenly her face snapped quickly to the side as Luc slapped her. "Stupid bitch! You just do not understand do you? Its demons like you that need to learn a lesson. If I did not have need of you, you would be exterminated right here and now," Luc growl, his fangs showing. Ah, a vampire demon. She should have known. Only they were able to look so gorgeous and let out such an array of pheromones. The pheromones of a vampire demon caused sexual need for humans, which made it easier for the vampire to feed, while for her kind; diablo demons, it caused muscles to become paralyzed. 
     "Very well, you have my attention. What is this task that you need me to do?" she asked. He said something about other demons growing out of hand. Become a demon assassin, perhaps? It was so like the vampires to not want humans, their food source, to be killed off. Granted many other demon races used humans as well, like the dream demons: Incubi and Succubi, using humans for sexual intercourse, while feeding from their live energies instead of their blood, during sex.
Feb 07, 2012 02:28 PM Entry #3
"I'm having problems with Ghouls." said Luc, his eyes looking downward. Salvinor narrowed her eyes at him "Ghouls? Those things have the IQ of mushrooms and feed on dead bodies. How can you possibly have a problem with them?" He stared back at her and said in a harsh tone "Don't mock me. They wouldn't be a problem if they where the garden variety idiots they're supposed to be." Luc motioned to one of his men who put a thick folder on the counter Salvinor was leaning on. "In there you'll find all the intel my people have gathered. It seems that a group of Ghouls have taken over an abandoned military base a few miles outside of Plainville, New Mexico. These particular Ghouls have got a taste for live human." Luc pulled out a flask from his coat, took a sip of blood and then continued. "Citizens of Plainview have gone missing in large numbers for almost a year now. My sources tell me that the Ghouls will sometimes pretend to be soldiers and set up a barricade in the middle of the road. Anyone who comes through gets detained, sent to their base and are never heard from again." Salvinor looked at him with an amused expression in her eyes. "Oh I see." She faced Luc leaning her back against the counter separating the living room and kitchen. She positioned her hands behind her, one hand resting on the counter top the other hand was touching the hilt of her Raven Blade strapped to the underside of the counter. "So all this, your men, the self righteous act, all this because you may have some new competition on the feeding grounds." "No," he scoffed " my concern is that someone or something is behind all of this. Ghouls never get this creative and they've never been known to work in groups as organized as this. No something much more dark and cunning is behind this. I'm sure of it." She pressed her palm against the hilt. "How can you be so sure?" " I had one of my best men investigating. He monitored their every move for months. From the lintel he gathered, he was convinced someone was running the show. He told me he was going inside the base to find out who it was... and that was the last I heard of him." Luc took a long swig from his flask and then put it away. "So the situation is that you've lost one good soldier, you don't want to lose anymore, so you strong arm a lesser demon to go off on a suicide mission to confirm a suspicion." Salvinor was pissed. She was ready to take her Raven Blade and slice Luc ear to ear. She wouldn't even mind changing into her true form and mauling his two bodyguards. The bastards. She would rip out Luc's jaw and keep his fangs as a trophy. "Its simple." said Luc, 'I want you to wipe these creatures off the map and if there's a head honcho... take him out. For your trouble I'll forget about your human hunting venture. Hell, I'll even help you keep it under the radar from the Demon High Council if you like." At that Salvinor calmed down and figured it's best to catch him alone with he has his guard down. Salvinor was no fool. She was outnumbered. Her revenge would have to come later on. Luc and his two cronies were the only ones who knew about her dealings with the humans and she intended to keep it that way.For now, she took her hand off the blade and said "Sounds like we got a deal."
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