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May 08, 2008 04:13 PM Introduction
sunnystarr started with:
let us tell some memories that we all have.. Here is a positive thought: Open your heart to all the love around you. In it you will find peace. So come on walk down memory lane and share some of your life in here with me.... It can be anything from happy, funny, silly, serious, sad, good, bad, joyful, pleasant or unkind, to any kind of memory you would like to share is fine by me, I would love to hear it! Just so everyone knows, everyone will be able to share more than one memory as we will all get many turns, as many as you would like Memories, memories, memories, so when you are done sharing all your memories just let me know and I will let you out so come on and lets enjoy our stories one by one. This could be a great way to get to know one another and encourage us to write more!
Jun 23, 2008 01:16 PM Entry #1
me and my friend went out a few year ago to celabrate his 30th birthday it was a ussuall night we got drunk and we both went to get a taxi and we met e couple birds at the taxi rank ,i went back to my house with one off the birds and i wanted them to come back to my house for a we party and a few drinks but the other girl had a wee baby and she had to be back for the baby sitter,so they went to her house so i thought and me and the other girl came to mine we had a good night and i gave her money for a taxi in the morning.when she left iphoned my mate right away his mum said he hadnt been in all night his mum was worried but i told her not to worry he got lumber last night and he was proably still in hers ,i only remember her or her pal saying she stayed in toryglen.he didnt have a mobile but when hes stayed out at night before hes always managed to phone his mum.she phoned police and they eventually found him unconcies at side of motorway the next day.and took him to hospital for a check jp he had a scar on side of his belly the docs told us he had kidney removed we couldnt believe it .he said the last thing he rememberd was getting a taxi with the girl and weve never seen any of these girls again.we go back to the pub we met them every couple weeks to se if the girl he went with knows anything. ive always said she had something to do with it ,the docs said there was drugs like that date rape drug,it could easily have been me.thanks john