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Jokers Wild - Crime
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Oct 04, 2008 05:00 AM Introduction
so_much_soul_ink started with:
It was another wild night at the four queens casino in Vegas. The smell of alcohol filled the room, accompanied by the loud music and chit-chat of thousands of people, But one person stood out from the crowd. He was the millionaire Ryan Novak, He was playing a game of Texas hold em. He was accompanied by his wife Shannon, But Spent most the night talking to other women at the bar while his wife swayed around tired and angry. She made a call and went outside, Ryan being tired finally went to His separate room with two women.
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Oct 07, 2008 12:46 PM Entry #1
G_Money wrote:
Ryan awoke the next morning to a ray of sunshine blazing through the hotel's vertical blinds. The bright light assailed his senses making him cognizant of a pending hangover. Ryan shaded his eyes from the blinding ray with his hand as he sat up in bed. Holding his head he swung his feet over the side and stood. He walked toward the bathroom, eyes still closed, cursing as he tripped over something and into a wet spot on the carpet. "Damn girls must have spilled their drinks" he muttered as he reached inside the shower and turned it full to the right. Slowly stepping in he let the steam clear away the alcoholic fog that still enveloped his mind. His eyes slowly opened as the water revived him. As his surroundings came into focus he noticed for the first time the knob he had used to turn on the shower was dripping with red water. In fact, his body dripped the same substance. As he looked down at the shower drain he realized the red water that now swirled darkly against the white marble was blood...a lot of blood and none of it his.
Feb 09, 2009 11:47 PM Entry #2
"WHAT THE HELL" Ryan screamed as he backed away from the wash room. To his horror there was also blood all over the walls, bed, floor, and chairs of the hotel room. "Oh my God" he whispered. Three knocks at the door. "House keeping" A voice with a slight italian accent announced. Then bullets began flying through the door. "SHIT" Ryan exclaimed as he hit the floor. The bullets ceased for a moment, a moment that Ryan took advantage of. He got up and darted to the window. He began to slide it open as the bullets started reigning in on him again.
Mar 27, 2009 12:11 PM Entry #3
Ryan wrote:
3 hours later...... -Damn! I am lucky to have made it out of there alive- Ryan thought to himself. The events of his escape were still a little hazy to him from the drinks he had last night. He remembered getting to the window and getting out on the ledge, but the fact that he got down from the 23 floor still had him a little worried. -I shouldn't have made it- he thought, -and how did I get here?- Right now he was sitting in the Aston Martin show room. Suddenly a woman walked up to him "Mr. Bradley how are you sir?" He looked at her with a stunned look. "Mr. Bradley Sir are you alright?" Finally understanding she thought he was this Mr. Bradley he said "Yes Mame I am just fine though I don't know why I am here right now." "Well Mr. Bradley maybe I could help you with that. You are here purchasing a car. In this car you are purchasing is the package you will deliver for us. You will not open this package. The police are after you for a murder they believe you committed. The only way to save your own life from any of this is by complying with us. But we also have a little something extra just in case you decided not to go along." Just then his son was pushed into the room. He looked okay but Ryan didn't trust these people. They must know who he was not this Mr. Bradley. So why did they keep calling him that. "If you have my son you know who I am then what's with the Mr. Bradley crap? And I take it you some how had something to do with the murders in my hotel room?" He said to them in an angry voice.
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