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How the Mighty-2 - Other
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Nov 20, 2008 02:14 AM Introduction
ClydeFisk started with:
The guy in the tights used to run an oil company. Mario knew that from the Windsor knot he had in his tie. “Why is he wearing a tie again?” Delbert asked? “It’s how they recognize each other,” Mario answered. Delbert was still kind of new to the area. He’d seen other homeless execs sloshing around in everything from one-piece pajamas to pilfered pirate Halloween costumes, but the wrestling tights and fisherman’s vest was a new one. “Watch me screw with him,” Mario said with a nasty curl in his lip and even nastier one in his eyes. “Hey Sondhiem?” he yelled over to the bum, who was about to crack the top on the coveted can of Dr. Pepper he’d been saving in his “special” hiding spot—a hole in the upper floor’s wall. “Was that Beardley I saw in your spot earlier? When did you guys become friends?” “What?! What are you talking about?” Sondhiem jumped at the name Beardley every time he’d heard it.
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Mar 24, 2009 11:34 PM Entry #1
Sondheim stopped moving for a solitary lucid moment locking eyes with Mario. Mario recoiled slightly. Dominance still prevailed whether across the boardroom or the underpass. As if satisfied, Sondheim resumed his pacing, mumbling, and yelling in a form of language only he presumably could fathom. Beardley or something like was perhaps the only recognizable word scattered throughout the mad deliverance. Mario's eyes followed the can of Dr. Pepper as Sondheim maniacally waved it through the air in his rantings. A smile cracked Mario's face. A smile bearing no more a reflection of happiness than a crack in concrete. Warmth was no where to be found. "I think he's finally lost his marbles!" The curl had found it's way back to Mario's smug face.
May 10, 2009 02:04 AM Entry #2
ClydeFisk wrote:
"Who's Beardley?" Delbert asked. "It's like his personal demon or something. He wanders around saying that name under his breath all the time. Some guys say he mumbles it in his sleep too. He's gone in the head. I'm not even sure he's real, but Sondhiem shits his pants everytime his name is mentioned." Sondhiem now menaced his can of Dr.Pepper tightly between both palms. Had Beardley poisned it? But how? It was sealed tight! Beardley would find a way! That bastard! He'd found his way into his dreams, he could certainly find a way to poison an unopened pop can! If anyone could, it was Beardley. But he wanted it so bad. He'd saved it, hidden it, waiting for the weekend to savor its flavor like the smuggled Havannah cigars he smoked when he was still on top. Now that sinister Beardley had found him again, tracked him down, still determined to slake his appetite for Sondheim's flesh. Beardley!
Jul 30, 2009 05:16 PM Entry #3
Mario and Delbert watched as Sondheim fingered the rim of the can of Dr. Pepper occasionally clutching it tightly to his chest whilst checking for the elusive Beardley. Even while he clutched the can his fingers would caress the rim torn between wanting to open it, half hoping that Beardley had poisoned it. A means to end the torment of the haunting memories of what it had been like to live and enjoy life at the top. But no, he wouldn't give Beardley that satisfaction. Sondheim's eyes narrowed as he half crouched catching Mario's stare. "What's he looking at?" Delbert asked. "Dunno..." Mario shifted uncomfortably under the weight of the glare. Sondheim straightened himself to his full executive height, tucking his can of Dr. Pepper under his arm while adjusting the windsor knot on his tie and flattering his fisherman's vest. "You!" He pointed at Mario who nervously glanced behind him surprised at the sudden lucidity. Sondheim's voice was clear and his eyes had regained focused stare. A stare that used to invoke a deeply rooted fear in Mario. "I remember you." Sondheim took a step towards Mario his voice authoritative once more and unwavering. "Why are you here... are you spying for him?" Sondheim's head cocked as if he were analyzing the response.
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