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Fire and Earth - Mystery
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Apr 20, 2008 02:01 PM Introduction
Waggy started with:
The fire crackled and spit the Devil's swet as we layed back and admired the star filled sky. I had never seen so many stars before, coming from the city. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen before. I wonder what could be out there? The woods were full of sounds and very mysterious. It was something I was not used to. It was definately going to be a long night with little sleep. David was a snoring away. It was nothing to him being in the middle of a forest. He was born here in these woods, not to far from here actually. His parents, which no one really know anything about, lived out here. They kept there distance from everyone else in town. Only came out of the woods to get things from the hardware store once in a blue moon. No one even knew there names. Then one day they just dissapeared. It was by pure luck that a hunter heard David crying in the old cabin.
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May 02, 2008 04:41 PM Entry #1
The hunter cautiously entered the sparce cabin. Young David was curled into a ball, lying in his own filth. The young boy was beside himself, sobs racked his whole body. To no avail ,the hunter kept asking David where his parents were. As nightfall was approaching the hunter didn't know what else to do, he gatered up the fragile boy and whatever belongings that looked like they could be the child's and headed home.The hunter's wife was starting to worry as she heard her husband approach. Relieved that he was home safely, she barely noticed David. Her husband recanted the story of the empty cabin and the sobbing child.His wife insisted that they call the sherrif and try and find David's parents immediatley. When daylight broke an intense search began.
Sep 23, 2009 05:36 AM Entry #5

David was missing from the cozy bed on which the hunter had put him. The bed was unruly - the blankets ran down to the floor. The Hunter was horrified, “Did the child run away? Or was it the beasts in the forest which took him away?” He scanned the room carefully. But there was no sign of any thing strange in the room. Even the widows were closed shut!

Deep in the forest, it was still dark, the sun rays barely filtered through the heavy rain forest trees. David was running fast yet swift like a deer running away from its predator. He was just 14 with a slender body, which looked more fragile than slender.  Where is he running? Is he running away from the hunter? Or is he really running away from some predator? Or is he running in search of his lost parents?


Oct 03, 2009 05:29 PM Entry #6
Rob5679 wrote:
    Whatever he was in search of, David had no idea. All he knew as the trees blurred on either side of him was that he had to run, to flee. At the end, as he clawed lost breath back into his lungs, he would know. Then all would become clear.
    He was searching, of that he was certain. But he was also becoming, and to become he had to flee. 
    He was fragile, breakable and that -spoke a far off voice- was least to him.  
    His feet bore the scars of forest detritus. Thorns and twigs tore at his flesh, puncturing this fallible facade he was forced to wear. By who, he could not remember. Instinct maybe?
    "Where are your parents?" the hunter had asked. Fortuitously English had been one of the languages in which David had been well versed yet, after the cataclysm that had befallen his group, his thoughts had become.......disjointed. 
    His befudlement, David knew, was in part due to the hunter. The man had touched him, gathered him up to "save" him from dangers no human could ever percieve. In doing so, he had become part of him, part of David. 
    Despite his breathlesness, in the face of the exhaustion forced upon him by the restrictions of this "human" form, David continued, searchig for the light......
    ..........the light?

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