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Esanda of Namanan - Super-natural
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May 24, 2008 03:37 PM Introduction
Kooterbobette started with:
I was the worst of all who where terrible.. I had been the worst of all. But now... My world. My life. Crumbled over the very will of one man. Rahapon, King of the Thideans. I had been overthrown by an army of thousands of cowards, ones who would only attack places with no weapons or power. I thought I would always be safe of them because of my army. I thought wrong. Now I was less than dirt. Crawling on the ground, hiding from Rahapon. My people were gone. Everything I owned was gone. I was the only one of my kind in this new strange world. A world where the air is thick and poisonous. A land that is filled with raging wild animals and perilous plants. A place so horrid that in my old world it would be considered the worst horror story of all time. I was the last living Namanan. The last piece of my world Namanan. The only hope to revive Namanan. I criminal and terror of all Namanan , Esanda, had to save my world.
Jun 05, 2008 11:55 AM Entry #1
Bluez wrote:
I didn't know who to trust, if anyone. All of the people around me wore strange garments, and spoke a language that I could not at first understand, I had to slow it down in my mind and break it down to it's core, it's most basic and simple parts so that I could. Yet it still took a while, to acclimate myself, to blend in with the locals so as not to be discovered and, having no training, no understanding of how to accomplish this impposible feat I had to draw it out from deep within myself, to stumble along until I could find my way seemed to take forever, but eventually I had a basic grasp of what they were saying, and thankfully, none of them knew the new King, Rahapon, and his armies and spies were no where near me, at least not for now, but I knew it would not be long. I HAD to find someone that I could trust, someone to help me without risking their life or exposing my own, and I thought I saw her one day, one morning in what they called a coffee shop in this world of all places. I stumbled into her as we were walking, and all of her things fell to the ground in front of us, I apologized profusely and tried to help her pick them up when our eyes met.