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Deadly Triangle - Crime
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Oct 27, 2010 06:16 AM Introduction
johnnie started with:
Bernard King, single and a widower in his mid fifties with two grown up children, was jogging along a footpath in Kirstin Wood when suddenly he stopped in his tracks, gasped with shock for there was a large area of burned ground, above, leaves from a beech tree were partially singed, on the ground, a square hole where a stake of wood had been planted into the ground but now burned to ashes, there remained, were blackened remains of a human body.  Taking out the mobile from his tracksuit pocket, he dialled the emergency number

"Police or ambulance
"Definitely police, there appears to be a burned body, not a lot remains but....."
"Alright, where are you?
"In Kirstin Wood, Little Ambleford."
"Stay where you are."

Within ten minutes, he heard the sound of approaching sirens, the slamming of doors in the distance signifying the police had arrived.  A uniformed officer asked for his name."
  "Bernard King, I was out jogging when ......."
  "Do not worry, we'll see to this. Before you go, give your name and address to the Det Chief Inspector who will be in charge of the case.  There was rapid activity as the uniformed branch taped off the potential scene of crime. Being slightly chilly Bernard ran on the spot to keep warm, putting on his jacket while he waited for CID to arrive on the scene.
  Det Chief Inspector Charles Burton and his side kick, Det Sgt Paul Lancaster interviewed Bernard briefly then sent him on his way, advising him to have a warm bath followed by a smalll brandy to reduce the shock impact.  Bernard nodded then jogged back home. leaving the two officers to peruse the scene.
    "Looks like a ritual killing to me, Charles."
    "What are you suggesting?"
    "Well, witches were burned at the stake, look at the hole where a wooden stake was clearly planted.
    "Really, Paul, we are supposed to be in the 21st century."  Suddenly his mobile rang. "Excusing himself briefly, he walked away, returning with a grim expression. "A mother of a teenage girl has just rung me to say that her daughter did not come home yesterday evening, she says it is most unlike her for she is normally so obedient.  You stay here, I will go and have a word with her, get some particulars."  Paul nodded, watching the pathologist gather the remaining evidence and place it in bags to be analysed "I will give you the report in forty eight hours."  Again, Paul nodded. 

Mar 30, 2011 09:20 PM Entry #1
   Charles tossed his phone on the seat of his black Jeep and sped off, dirt went flying behind the Wrangler as it pulled onto Highway 445. "This was suppose to be my day off," Charles said to himself as he hit the gas.
   "Ma'am," he tipped his hat to the woman who answered the door at 401 S. Baker Street. Charles was born and raised in the south and his body language and accent made him shine everywhere he went.
   "It's not like Kelly to stay out all night. She didn't call or leave a note," The woman started pacing the living room and nipping at her nails. Charles pulled out a tiny red notepad and clicked his black ink pen once.
   "What's your daughters full name, ma'am?" Charles asked gently, knowing that the woman was panicked.
   "Connolly," The woman with dark short hair and pink glass continued to pace. "Kelly Nicole Connolly."
   "When and where was the last time you saw your daughter?"
   "She came home from school and studied in the den for about an hour. That's her normal routine," She paused to catch her breath. "I went to the market around six and Kelly was watching TV with her older sister. It was a little odd since they normally don't get along. When I came home Tracy had left with some friends and Kelly was heading up to her room. When dinner was done I called for her but she didn't respond, and when I went to her room, she wasn't there. It was around nine o'clock."
   "What was the last thing she was wearing?" Charles asked.
   "Oh..." The woman paused for a long moment. She squinted her eyes. Charles could tell that she was struggling to remember.
   "Any details at all would be great, but please take your time. I know this is rough," Charles added.
   "I think she was wearing her white MTV tee and blue Jeans. Her hair was down, I know that for sure," The woman broke into tears.
   "Honey, are you alright?" A tall man with slightly gray hair ran into the room quickly. Charles looked up to see the man wrap his arms around his wife.
   "I'm James," The man put his hand out to shake the officer's hand.
   "Chief Inspector Charles Burton," Charles gladly shook the mans hand; this man who looked so familiar.
   "Everything is going to be fine, Carol. You'll see," James spoke very quietly to his wife.
   "Where is Tracy at today?" Charles asked as he gazed around the downstairs portion of the small and tidy house.
   "She's at her gymnastics practice. If she misses one more day she gets kicked off the team, so she didn't have any other choice. Why do you ask?" Carol replied with puffy red eyes.
   "I wanted to ask Tracy a few questions, too. You said they were watching TV together before you went to the store so maybe Kelly and her were talking."
   "She should be home by nine," James nodded at Charles in agreement.
   "Is it possible that Kelly snuck out to see a boyfriend? Or to a party that she didn't want you guys to know about?" Charles continued asking questions, but the parents didn't have many good answers. They both seemed a little oblivious.
   "I'll go back to the station and file the missing persons alert. I do need a picture for the posting. The most recent one if I may?" Charles explained the procedures to James and Carol before exiting their home and getting back into his Jeep. He sighed as he stared at the house before firing up the vehicle. He tried to stay optimistic, but his gut was telling him otherwise.
   Charles picked up the phone and dialed Paul's number.
   "How did everything go over there? You need to get back here.. We've found some things you need to see," Paul replied from the other end of the phone. Charles could sense the doubts in Paul's voice so he glanced back at the house once more, then sped off.