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Apr 21, 2008 05:33 PM Introduction
Waggy started with:
Today was the day. It was the long awaited fishing trip with my two best friends. We had been looking forward to it all school year. I can not count the times I drifted off to space thinking about the huge bass I would catch, or my first beer that I fully planned on drinking. It was gong to be fantastic. I was going to Blue Ridge National Forest for an entire week with my two best friends in the entire world, Malone and Shannon. Shannon was a dark soul, sorta speak. Dressed like a vampire and pretty much stayed to herself except when she was hanging out with us. It was a little disturbing at first, but the girl is a genious!! I geuss that is what happens when you sleep all day and play on computers all night. She can do anything on a computer. I'm truly surprided she hasn't been arrested though. Malone is the typical jock. Eats, drinks, and thinks football. I'm surprised he ever makes it out to our little get togethers. Football practise every day, conditioning every other, and then school, what a work load. Most people think that he is just a dumb jock, but they are wrong. Malone is a Math wiz!! He spits out numbers like a human calculator. One time in practice he tryed telling the coach some new math theories for a few plays and half the team nearly went off their rockers laughing. Me I'm no genious. Not a wiz kid wither. I just got plain old good common sense. It got me through this year of school as a junior, and now was our last summer together before our senior year. The drive was long, but we were finally here. "Secret camp maps," the funny looking guy at the end of the cabin porch said. "Sure, I'll take one. Only a buck right?" "Yes sir, only a buck for you. Today's special, " with an eery grin. I took the map and walked back to the van to get my bags. It was still early, but the camp marker looked a pretty good ways from where we were. "we had better get a move on people," as Shannon nearly fell out of the back with bags of food and camp supplies fell all over the ground........
May 02, 2008 04:21 PM Entry #1
We helped Shannon gather all the spilled supplies, greatful that the bottles of beer were unbroken. "Let's go guys, we're waisting time," I repeated. Malone got the bulk of the heavy items to carry. "Wouldn't want you to miss your workout," I teased. "Shannon, what's in the backpack, rocks?" Malone asked. "Very funny! You know I don't go anywhere without my computer, even if there is a possibility there won't be service. It's my security blanket," she chided.I folded the map and shoved it in my pocket and we began our hike to the campsite, all the while feeling like someone was watching us.