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Apr 12, 2008 06:36 PM Introduction
Bluez started with:
As a child, he had always love camping out with his family. The nights around the fire, the stories they told of family tradition and things long past but never forgotten, the things he learned about life and how to deal with it. He loved the stories about Indians and even the scary ones, though they kept him awake far longer than he wanted to be. But this was different, and special in a way that he had never expected, that he might never understand. He wanted to talk to his friend Paul about it, he was right there with him anyway and they had always been able to talk about anything and everything, yet he felt he had to keep this to himself, at least fro now. He also could have talked to his best friend, a girl that was at home and probably would have known exactly what he was feeling and what he should or could do about it. But as I said, she was at home and he couldn't ask her right now. I looked across the fire at the object of my...cofusion for lack of a better word. Her name was Becky, and she was in the same class as me, but from a different school, and for her that meant I was not good enough. Talk about loyalty to your school! When she told me I could not understand, at first I thought she was joking, but the look on her face, the set of her chin made me realize two things. First of all, that she would never succumb to anything I might say about that, it was not negotiable, no matter how silly it sounded to me. Secondly, that because that meant I could never have her that I HAD to have her...and I wasn't going to give up. It felt too right, when we talked about everything else I could see the sparkle in her life, the feeling in her smile and how she carried herself made me think we were perfect for each other, as long as we could both get past that one little thing. I looked at her acroos the flames and she was smiling at me, and I thought she knew what I was thinking and was willing to "negotiate" after all.
May 02, 2008 05:15 PM Entry #1
The look on her face was unreadable. Afraid to make my move, fearing that I might recreate the gap that I had worked so hard to close, I refrained from any movement. "What are you smiling at," I asked for the lack of anything better to say. "You," was all she mutttered. Not knowing if she was laughing at me or with me, I chose not to respond. An awkward silence fell upon us, which was disturbed by a noise in the distance.
Dec 19, 2008 03:26 AM Entry #2
Pughiber wrote:
Becky's best friend emerged with the fifth wheel, Trey. He had only been invited because he had a Jeep which would carry the five campers into the deepest of trails. Paul said, Don't worry about it, Becky will come along with Jayna and we will all have a great time. If only Paul could see Jayna now. It would be quiet a shock for him in the morning to know Trey had taken his girl to find firewood for more than half an hour. It was no surprise when the duo came back empty handed, laughing and glassy eyed. I desperately wanted to wake Paul. He shouldn't be sleeping so soundly with those two making so much noise. I wonder what they did in the cover of darkness. The worst thing about Jayna is her smoking. She smokes all the time. She thinks cigarettes hide the smell of her pot. It just adds to the stench that is Jayna, the spoiled, rich and hateful little princess! She won't be her daddy's princess once he finds out about her drug problem. Daddy's never appreciate having their precious baby mixed up in drugs, even if Daddy is mixed up in it too. What if those rumors are true? Becky is so pretty. She has the deepest eyes and perfect lips. It is amazing to me that she is best friends with Jayna. How could she even like this girl. It must be the money. They are both from the "good" part of town. They both bounce around for the team in their majorette outfits. But Jayna does a lot more than that for the team. I can't stand that girl. I hate it that Paul is so involved with her. This was supposed to be a four person night camp out with hot dogs, marshmallows, sodas and just two couples. Now I am beginning to feel like the fifth wheel. If it had been Becky traipsing through the woods with Trey, I would have walked home, no matter how far the trek! "Paul, are you going to sleep through the entire trip? ... Paul! ...Paul?"
Dec 20, 2008 05:17 AM Entry #3
Pughiber wrote:
He could see Paul was awake, but not moving. Everyone was watching the boys now. There was a bit of a change in the atmosphere around the campsite. Finally Paul whispered, "please move the blanket that is next to my sleeping bag." Becky reaches over and moves the blanket with a swishing tug. And in an instant Paul is on his feet almost panting! "Did you guys see that! It was huge! I didn't know there were bugs like that in these woods!" After a good hearty laugh, most of the tension was gone. Paul wandered over to Jayna and began to talk to her. "I thought you weren't bringing that with you?" She said, " I didn't. Jeep boy brought it." He chided her again, "You know I don't like it. It could ruin college for me." She just shrugged and replied, "It's not like it's yours!" "You don't understand," He said. "The colleges I want would ban me just for being arrested with people who do that. It has to stop." Trey inched closer to the couple as they talked. He tells Paul, "I did it, man. It's mine. And it wasn't that much dude. I just had a tab of a bud snugged into the end of a cigarette. It's not like we got stoned. We just shared a cig and talked, that's all. I swear. She's your girl. I would never do nothing like that to a friend." Jayna hugged Paul and they also walked a ways from the camp to have a chat. Paul, however, was not thrilled with the idea of getting under the canopy of trees again. He had enough of the bug on the blanket. It still gave him the creeps. Where do you come up with a huge bright red spider anyway! As the three left of us in the camp began to wind down for our rest, I spotted the spider. It was still not moving. Becky heard my gasp and went to see what I had found. She began to laugh, "Didn't you guys ever camp out as kids?" Then she explained, "This is an ordinary orb weaver. They are often in these bright colors, like bright red, flashy blue, sunny yellow and even a grassy green. But I don't think the spiders are that common in this neck of the woods. ... I wonder how it made it onto his blanket and at this time of night?" I said, "Well, it wasn't his blanket. It was Jayna's." I had no idea how much her father was worth or what a few guys were about to try in an attempt to get their hands on her daddy's money! His car dealership had been in the news for lay offs. But none of us ever dreamed we would be involved in such a dangerous game of cat and mouse. And we would all soon come to hate and love the ride of that 4x4 Jeep!