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Bar Flies - Suspense
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Jan 31, 2009 09:07 PM Introduction
Bluez started with:
He had been to this bar so many times before, always expecting that this time it would be different, this time he would meet a woman that wasn't just out for sex or his money, a woman that wanted the kind of man that he wsa. It had not worked for a long while now, he had to admit, he was running out of time, though he didn't know why he felt that way or why it was running out on him but he felt in his heart that it had to be soon or never. He sat down and ordered his first shot, Southern Comfort and a Newcastle, his favorites because they reminded him of her. By the time he was getting ready to go, there were four empty shot glasses in front of him and five empty beers, not counting the one in his hand, and he hadn't been there very long, he was sure of that much. He had to use the restroom, because he needed to, but also because it gave him a chance to check out the room without being too obvious. Looking around the room, there were a few prospects but they were with someone, a brother, co-worker or more, he wasn't sure but that always put a damper on things. He went to the men's room and took care of business and was thinking that he should just forget abhout it and leave. Taking the used paper towel in his hand, he squared off and said, as he took the shot, "IF this goes in, I will stay!" and then let it fly. He watched in slow motion as the wad of paper flew away from his hand, the rotation perfect, it hit the wall on then dropped back, just as it should have, but then bounced around the "rim" a few times and then out. He closed the door behind and was going to the bar to pay his tab when he saw her, just at that moment walking in the door. She was everything he liked in a woman, at least appearance wise, he didn't like the bubble headed kind that didn't know how to carry a conversation without asking what he was talking about every three minutes, but he was a man after all, and eye candy wasn't just something the ladies got to enjoy after all. She was beautiful though, strawberry blonde tresses hung down past her shoulders, her smile made me want to know why she smiled like that so easily, she was sexy and looked fit, as though she knew to hit the gym more than three times a week and what a stairmaster was all about, he turned to order another when she slid into the seat beside him and ordered one for herself as well. "I hope you don't mind, it allows me two slight pleasures!" she whispered to him as she settled into the bar stool next to him. "I don't mind at all!" I answered, "As long as you tell me the simple pleasures!" and smiled back, intrigued. "Well, for one, I don't have to wait long for my drink, that's the easy one!" she said and then laughed. "The other?" I asked, laughing myself and yet impatient to know because I knew it would tell me a lot about the kind of woman she was. "The other is that I get to be surprised, I don't know what you ordered and so this is sort of a Russian Roulette game for me. Like when I mix my coffee, I add different coffees and flavors to experiment." she said as she took his arm. He smiled, thinking suddenly that this wasn't such a bad place after all.