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Amaranth - Romance
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Aug 19, 2008 01:06 PM Introduction
Amaranth started with:
I need help coming up with a lot of stuff. I know the names and personalities of my characters. I have a visual of all the places they'll be. What I really need, is the middle of the story, or how to go about it. Amaranth lives near Minot, North Dakota, present day, with her three yr. old sister, Kirsi, and her father. Her mother died giving birth to Kirsi, so Ama has taken care of her since she was a baby. Here's where it gets tricky. Ama isn't human. She looks human and all, but is from this other world where her people have almost died out. Kirsi is her half sister. Their mother was from this other world. On this other world, the people grow to about mid-twenties and stop. They can essentially live forever. The planet got over-populated, people left. What they didn't know, is that when they left, they'd age again. So, they all grew old and died. Now, they royal family of this planet can't leave, they're bound to the planet. The only one of the royal family left, is the prince, named Ion (hard I for pronunciation). He's very lonely. Now these people arn't the only things on the planet. There are faerie like creatures (no name yet) who live all over the planet, but Ion still is the ruler. He gets fed up of being lonely and sends faeries out to other worlds to find more people like him. One of these faeries stumbles upon earth and finds Kirsi. He doesn't know she's half and half, he just sees that she's more than human and so Ion has her kidnapped and brought to him. The Prince then sees that she's half and half and doesn't really want her. As he's returning her to earth, he finds Ama and decides to keep Kirsi, so as to try and get her sister. I'm not entirely sure where to go from much? I need ideas as to where the plot can go and all. I don't have an ending decided on really, but Ama's not going to fall in love with him in this book, there's another after it that I've already figured out.
Aug 19, 2008 01:09 PM Entry #1
Amaranth wrote:
So I need to figure out what Ama will do when her sister is kidnapped by a prince from another world who's very lonely. Then what she would do when he tries to win her over and love her and allll that good stuff.