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Member Name B.S. Hartman
Gender Male
Location In front of a screen in Indiana
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    • B.S. Hartman was born at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago back when television knew what entertainment was and the Presidents of the United States knew what it meant to be the leader of a great country. With a rebellious attitude for most of his life, Mr. Hartman has been everything from a jewel thief in his younger days to a truck driver who ended up fighting against the corruption of a once noble industry. Mr. Hartman has always set the standards high whether it was advising security agencies on how to improve their techniques to just backing up his friends when a hand was needed. This shows in his newest venture, writing, which shows in the originality of his stories and the outside of the box way he presents them. His only goal has been to be the best at what he does and after reading his novel and poetry I think you’ll agree he keeps this goal. This time he’s writing for himself as well as the many readers out there who remember what magic a book can be and all he asks in return is that you take the time to enjoy it. We at Hartfelt Books are proud to have him as our first local author and member of the team.

      B.S. Hartman resides in rural Indiana with his wife Andrea and their Great Dane Ballou. When he is not at work on his novels, he can be found writing poetry in publications around the world and has appeared in such anthologies as “A Sublime Remembrance”, “Theatre of the Mind” as well as his own solo effort “Just Like Dad; A Poetic Life”. He has won numerous awards for his poetry including a Poet Laureate and has been nominated Best Poet of the Year the last seven years in a row. Mr. Hartman is currently at work on a third U.S. Avengers novel and The Strange Adventures of Jesse Hunter: The Bogus Island Incident.
      Find out more about B.S. Hartman at

        • Favorites-Stephen King and Clive Barker for Horror and John Sandford for suspense

          Favorite Books-All SK and Barker books, the Prey series by Sandford as well as Fevere Dream and The Traveling Vampire Show

        • When it comes to movies, I am a huge DVD fan and have a collection that usually makes people stop in their tracks when they first come to visit. My tastes range from Horror to action, suspense to comedy and love stories to animation. I have seen and probably own some the campiest films ever made like "Killer Klowns From Outer Space" which will sit next to some of the best films ever made like "The Great Escape" and "Batman Returns" just to name a couple.

        • Ah music, we fall into the same range as we did with movies. I have a collection that spans from Elvis and the Beatles to Led Zepplin and The Who all the way to Marilyn Manson and Shakira with a little country and blues to thrown in to balance it out. A couple of my newer faves are Joss Stone and John Mayer.

        • I love real TV which means I hate reality shows. I lean toward entertainment such as NCIS, CSI, Two and a Half Men, Jericho, Torchwood and Doctor Who just to name a few.

        • Anything Batman

        • Edgar Allen Poe
          Charles Dickens
          Mark Twain
          Dr. Suess
          Shel Silverstein
          and every new poet I read that has not forgotten that poetry is an art form that comes from the heart and not from the need for attention.

        • Haven't found one yet that tells the whole story without leaving things out.

        • My favorite website huh? Well you know where this is going...

        • Anyone and everyone who stands up to todays adversities and pursues their dreams. As far as famous, I'd have to list Reynold Reine Hartman (My Dad), John Lennon, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Robert Redford (For both his acting and his environmental concerns), Al Gore, Mark Harmon and my Mom-Ellen Hartman

        • There was one by Robert F. Kennedy that went something like;
          "Some men see things that are and ask why, I see dream things that aren't and ask why not." I'm sure I just screwed that up but hopefully you get the gist. One of these days when my mind lets me remember, I'll have to look this up and get it right. In the meantime I kind of like my version though

        • Reading
          Good Movie as well as the rare sometimes bad ones
          Family Time (including Ballou)
          Bike Riding
          Country drives
          Family restaurants found in small towns
          Small towns (each one is a new and different insight into this country)

        • Normal average life from 1956 to 2003 with a few awesome exceptions.
          Poem "Like A Rose" wins Editor Choice Award and a career in poetry begins.
          U.S. Avengers becomes published in 2006.
          Poems start to attract attention in Europe and shortly after start winning me more awards than I have wall space as well as a Poet Laureate in 2005.
          Just Like Dad; A Poetic Life becomes published in 2007.
          2008 is full of possibilties

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