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Member Name Robert Shepherd
Date of Birth 08/12/1950
Gender Male
Location NSW, Australia
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    • I grew up to a farming family at Narromine in Central New South Wales. I managed that farm from 1976 though to 1979, at which time I bought my parents out of the business. We had a dryland farm of 4,106 acres growing wheat, sheep (wool and fat lambs) and beef cattle. What a great life style it was back then! Just the best

      From an investment of just $50,000 (all overdraft) to purchase my parents shares, 10 years saw us owing over $1,200,000. All this debt from drought, washed out wheat harvests, more drought followed by lowering commodity prices. Then that catastrophe topped off with the "Recession We Had To Have" according to our Federal Treasurer of the time Mr Paul Keating. Interest rates began at 12.5% in 1979 and by Oct 1989 rates had risen to 21.5%. No farm without irrigation in our area could survive that period.

      Eventually we moved town to Bathurst where I had found employment and I live here to this day. I now work as a Maintenance Supervisor in an Aged Care Facility.

      In 2000, I survived a separation and divorce process where I became a poor recluse for about a year. Sad but true. It was though, a time for deep thought and self examination.

      Today, I have to say, with out my farm, my first wife and without my inheritance (burned up in settlement), I am a wealthier and richer person than I could otherwise have been.

      It is a truism for me, that the more of lifes excesses one is able to quit, the richer one really is. I don't have to fight for a thing any more.

      I am five years into my second marriage and loving it; well mostly. After just 18 months of marriage, my wife contracted a spinal disease and had to learn to walk again from scratch. Net effect of the disease? Below the top of here pelvis, only 20% of her nerves work (your imagination can tell you the rest). So walking, natural functions and living is sadly, badly affected.

      Yet we survive and are happy and otherwise healthy.

      Whoo hooo! That is a long way round to saying why some of what I write has a touch of dissapointment and longing attached to it. Ones' school of hard knocks makes us what we are, and what our dreams consist of.

      I am looking forward to seeing more of this site.

        • I am not really a music person, but I would have to say the popular music of the 60's and 70's

        • I don't watch this media at all. How often do you see a good news story without death and destruction.

          I do though watch limited amounts of Test Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League and AFL footy.

        • Wizard of Id
          Hagar the Horrible

          and Garry Larsens "The Far Side"

        • Blue the Shearer; on ABC at 0725hrs Fridays.
          "Banjo" Patterson
          Henry Lawson and
          the writer of Song of Songs in the Bible, attributed by some authors to Solomon the King

        • Our local paper, "The Western Agravate" oops "The Western Advocate"

        • Genealogy:
          Tagged (how I came to be here) www.tagged.
          Nudist site of choice:
          Medical Dictionary/encyclopaedia:

        • Fossicking for gold, sapphire and near any other mineral specimens. Have done most of my fossicking here in the local area. I did though do one fabulous trip to Northern Territory to and area known as Harts Range. It is a very heavily and diversely mineralised area. It is near the best in the Southern Hemisphere for variety and quality.

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* If each morning, when I look down at my feet, they are on top of the daisies, I am alive. BONUS

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