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Member Name Denise
Gender Female
Location Perth Western Australia
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    • I am 52 years old, and proud of it. I live in Perth Western Australia and I love to write poetry, and the occasional article about "things" that affect my life.

      I grew up on a 6000 acre wheat and sheep farm, where I learnt that being alone, does not mean you have to be lonely. Not when you have your imagination to take you to places you have only ever read about, or those special places that you and you alone, can create in your mind. As I got older, I discovered that family, friends, love and life experiences, are the things that reached out and touched me every day. The old saying "I was lost and then I was found", are words that could be used to describe who I am today. I grew up not knowing who I truly was, lost within a world that seemed so secure to others, and yet in which I sometimes felt like a stranger. Today I embrace that world, knowing that I have my place in it, the one that I am meant to have. I am who I am meant to be. My past helped make me into who I am today, and I know that what I do from this day forwards, will influence my future. I cannot change what has been, but I can learn from it, and use those lessons to help create a better future, one day at a time.If my words can help a person to feel their emotions, to know that they are not alone in what they are feeling, then I know that part of the reason I am here in this wonderful crazy world, is being achieved.

      I am divorced with 3 grown children, who are each striking out on their own. My world of writing is a mystery to them and one they don't wish to discover or

      I am blessed to have wonderful friends who understand that writing is for me, a way to heal my life.

        • Any music that touches my soul. Mood music that reaches out and surrounds me.

        • Ed Hendricks

        • The Sunday Times, The West Australian Newspaper


        • My father, my mother and so many others who have overcome hardships in their lives and have continued on to lead fulfilling lives where they have shared their life wisdom with others.

        • Dare to dream, for to dream is to open yourself up to possibilities beyond what you know, but in reach of what you believe.

          Time is, time was, time will always be. We are all but a part of that time.

          Denise M...... (me)

      AussieKarrob   AussieKarrob wrote
      on 11/9/2009 6:29:08 AM
      G'day Denise, Thank you for showing me the way to this site. Have to say, I feel like a minnow at the moment. I now have to find some worthwhile material for my profile :). Again, thank you for sharing part of your journey. Amazing

writing aussiedee
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