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Member Name Maria Elena Morgan
Date of Birth 03/29/1955
Gender Female
Location Columbus, GA
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    • I was born in a foreign country across the sea, of an American soldier and a German woman. My heritage is Puerto Rican and German. I am the eldest of four children, by five minutes. I have an identical twin sister. I traveled to and from the United States of America on my father's U.S. Army career. I was privileged to experience different cultures at an early age and appreciate just what we have here in the United States of America. Upon graduation from high school, I pursued my own career in the U.S. Army. By chance encounter I met my husband overseas, got married at the same county clerk's office that my mother got married in. After spending six years in the U.S. Army, I left to pursue other opportunities. I was privileged to be home for eleven years as a mom for my three children (Richard, 14; Mary, 15; and Jennifer 21). I became a widow January 2002. I self-published two books (Hidden Agendas, New England Interlude) in 2003 and received a 5-star rating for both books on I am currently a writer-editor (printed media) for the Federal Government. I have been writing since high school (1969 to 1973) to present.

        • Hidden Agendas by Maria Elena Morgan, ISBN 1-4107-7705-7, AuthorHouse 2003

          New England Interlude by Maria Elena Morgan, ISBN 1-59408-231-6, Cork Hill Press 2003

        • website:


        • People from various professions have said: "I couldn't put your book down. It was very visual and detail oriented. It really needs to be made into a movie."

          The covers were done by the publishers but all the artwork inside the books are mine.

        • Singing; writing; resonant viewing; cooking; baking; knitting; crocheting; cross-stitch; wall quilts; reading; painting; and nature walking.

        • Maria Elena Morgan

          Country of citizenship: United States of America
          Veterans' Preference: 10-point preference based on a compensable service-connected disability of 10 percent but less than 30 percent
          Highest Grade: YA-1082-02, 04/2007-Present
          Contact Current Employer: Yes

          Job Type: Permanent

          Work Schedule: Full Time


          Department of the Army 02/2011 – present
          MCoE, DOTD, Publications Support Division
          1 Karker Street, W-132
          Ft Benning, GA 31905
          Grade Level: GS-11 Hours per week: 40
          Writer/Editor, 1082

          Serves as writer-editor of a variety of Army publications and related materials in printed media such as field manuals (doctrine and training), training circulars, graphic training aids, student texts, Soldier training publications, programs, and special publication projects. Adheres to all regulations that govern all training products, provides editorial continuity in doctrinal and training literature, and serves as the focal point for editorial development of the various printed media products. Analyzes, reviews, edits, revises, and designs DA publications and multimedia courseware used in training Soldiers throughout the various military organizations, from individual level through training of units in Infantry-type brigades. Provides initial orientation to subject matter experts, who contribute materials for projects; and coordinates all editorial and design phases of a project to ensure continuity, consistency, and maintenance of Army standards.

          Department of the Army 12/2007 – 02/2011
          Army Headquarters Services
          Army Publishing Directorate,
          Training and Doctrinal Publications Branch
          2461 Eisenhower Avenue
          Alexandria, VA 22331-0302
          Grade Level: YA-02 Hours per week: 40
          Writer/Editor, 1082

          Serves as Writer-Editor operating in an electronic publishing environment. Reviews and electronically produces publications (administrative, doctrinal, technical, and equipment) for Army-wide dissemination covering the full spectrum of official publications media—to include bulletin boards, CD-ROM, and optical disks—in the complete gamut of Army functional and subject matter areas. These publications are submitted by HQDA agencies and major Army commands, and provide Army-wide administrative policies and procedures, doctrinal requirements, training information, and equipment operation instructions in electronic format. Develops plans for improvement of these publications. Evaluates the content, format, and organization of draft Army publications submitted in electronic format for publication and distribution. Researches precedents and finalizes publication improvement plans. Analyzes final products after production and identifies elements of content, format, organization, and presentation that need improvement. Utilizing various word processing, desktop publishing, and/or electronic publishing programs/systems, prepares draft publications to make them more understandable and easier to read. Rewrites portions of drafts to gain uniformity, clarity, economy of expression, and logical presentation of ideas. Writes and incorporates new material into drafts determined to be insufficient. Converts narrative portions of the manuscript to charts, figures, or tables and formats them. Prepares word processing data files, to include text and tables, to be processed. Prepares graphic files for scanning and use with the page composition software. Utilizing the page composition software, produces proofs, reviews those proofs and makes corrections where necessary, and produces camera-ready copy to be sent to the printer. In select cases, utilizes word processing/desktop publishing software to produce camera-ready copy to be sent to the printer. Maintains contact with proponents or subject matter experts to obtain information concerning the probable users of the publications. Provides writing and electronic editing support on special projects. Determines from research, source documents, and other officials, the scope and content of material to be presented and makes suggestions as to how material can be presented to emphasize program requirements. Participates in conferences and meetings on policies and procedures with efforts geared toward improving the quality of Army publications. Participates in training courses concerning publications, and electronic editing and writing practices and philosophies. Assigned as ARIMS POC for branch.

          Department of the Army 12/2006 – 11/2007
          HQ IMCOM-Europe (IMEU-HRD-D)
          Unit 29351, APO AE 09014-9351 (Germany)
          Grade Level: GS-11 Hours per week: 40
          Writer/Editor, 1082

          Edit Army in Europe (AE) publications (supplements, regulations, pamphlets, circulars, and correspondence) to ensure they meet their intended objectives. This involves ensuring factual accuracy and consistency with existing DA, USEUCOM, USAREUR, and IMCOM-Europe policy; reorganizing and rewriting draft material to improve readability, organizational logic, and overall presentation; and lowering reading-grade levels according to the nature of the information and the intended audience. Ensure that publications are prepared according to DA and AE publishing requirements as prescribed by AR 25-30, AE Regulation 25-35, and the Editing SOP. Serve as the primary point of contact for all issues relating to assigned publications projects. Coordinate and meet with authors of draft publications to discuss editing and to resolve inconsistencies found in drafts. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Dwayne Viergutz, Supervisor's Phone: DSN: (314) 370-6583)

          8/1980 - Present
          Dale City, VA 22193-2409 (USA) Hours per week: 84

          Writer/Editor – Writes/edits manuscripts for publication. Checks grammar, spelling, punctuation, indentation, hyphenation, capitalization, and abbreviations. Checks consistency for logical sequence of numbering in paragraphs, headings, subheadings, placement of illustrations and their proper placement within the text. Checks the references, table of contents, and/or indexes against the text for accuracy. Proofreads, retypes edited manuscripts for accuracy. Determines reading level, extent of rewriting and editing to be done, and the priority of tasks to be accomplished based on established editorial guidelines. Prepares final drafts of publications and performs administrative duties using fully capability of available computer systems including word processing, and editing programs. Ensures comprehensive review is completed within established deadlines and does not delay production. NOTE: Work published in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004 in various media: cassette, CD, printed media, and worldwide web. Novel publication: New England Interlude by Corkhill Press Sept 2003, Hidden Agendas by AuthorHouse Oct 2003. Pending publication: Action—French Style, Action—Egyptian Style, The Next Guardian, and The Unexplained.

          U.S. Army Services & Operations Agency 3/2003 - 11/2006
          Army Publishing Directorate,
          Doctrinal and Training Publications Branch
          2461 Eisenhower, Ave.,
          Alexandria, VA 22301-0302 (USA)
          Grade Level: GS-09 Hours per week: 40
          Writer/Editor (Printed Media), 1082

          Writer/Editor (Printed Media) – Assists in the review and edit of Army-wide publications (administrative, doctrinal, technical and equipment) covering the full spectrum of official publications media in the complete gamut of Army functional and subject matter areas. These publications are written in Headquarters Department of the Army agencies and major Army commands and provide Army-wide administrative policies and procedures, doctrinal requirements, training information and equipment operation instructions. Assists a higher level specialist in the evaluation of content, format and organization of draft Army publications submitted for editing and printing. Determines reading level, extent of rewriting and editing to be done and the priority of tasks to be accomplished based on existing publication improvement plans, established editorial guidelines, knowledge of printing deadlines and knowledge of both editorial processes and the time required to complete them. Negotiates tentative target dates with proponents and provides them with oral and written guidance on the extent of work to be done, guidance on the Department of the Army Form 260, and reports requirements that need to be met. Edits draft publications to make them more understandable and easier to read. Rewrites portions of drafts to gain uniformity, clarity, economy of expression and logical presentation of ideas. Writes and incorporates new material into drafts determined to be insufficient. Converts narrative portions of the manuscripts to charts, figures, or tables. Deleted irrelevant or unnecessary material and duplicate information. Defines or identifies special or unusual terms if not explained in the text. Verifies that all references are pertinent to the subject area and current, recommends deletion of unnecessary or inappropriate ones. Researches referenced publications for duplication or inconsistency. Maintains contact with proponents or subject matter experts (SME) to obtain information concerning the probable users of the publications to be edited. Maintains liaison with proponents and SMEs to obtain additional background and subject matter information throughout the editing process, to coordinate changes to content or format of publication, and to reconcile differences of opinion among contributors, which arise concerning the inclusions of material or the tone and style of presentation. Provides advice to proponents on editorial requirements and publications processing. Performs any necessary coordination during the editing process with activities inside and outside the command. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Jeanne Harman, Supervisor's Phone: 703-325-6291)

          U.S. Army Publishing Agency 9/2000 - 3/2003
          Resource Management Division,
          2461 Eisenhower Avenue,
          Alexandria, VA 22331-0302 (USA)
          Grade Level: GS-06 Hours per week: 40
          Secretary (OA), 0318

          Serves as secretary and personal assistant to the Division Chief. Provides a variety of administrative support services designed to keep activity personnel informed on all procedural aspects of work produced or flowing through the organization. Utilizes data from files and records maintained, consolidates feeder reports, and makes personal inquiry to obtain information required. Receives and reads incoming correspondence, routing to superior matters requiring personal attention, distributing others to action officers for handling, or routing matters of general interest to all concerned. Receives calls and greets visitors, determining, by such questioning as is necessary, the general purpose of the call. Establishes priorities, setup, reschedules, or refuses appointments. Maintains and controls supervisor’s calendar and schedules appointments based on personal knowledge of supervisor’s workload, priorities, and commitments without prior approval. Attends conferences as required, take notes of pertinent information for future use and distribution. Types, reviews, and implements training needs for division by researching appropriate courses, maintaining a database to prevent duplication. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Mary Costa, Supervisor's Phone: 703-697-2677)

          Wilbar Truck Equipment 5/1999 - 9/2000
          Springfield, VA (USA) Hours per week: 48
          Administrative Assistant

          Administrative assistant to the President of the Company and the General Manager, including corporate headquarters and four outlying branches. Administrative support to Sales and Accounting staff in an as needed basis. Utilizes data from files and records maintained. Receives calls and greets visitors determining the general purpose of the calls and routing them to pertinent members of the staff. Established priorities, setup, reschedules, or refuses appointments for General Manager and President. Maintains and controls the supervisor's calendar. Reviews all outgoing correspondence for neatness, accuracy, adherence to established formats, and adherence to office policies. Maintains health benefits for personnel. Instructs and assists new personnel on procedural matters, such as proper correspondence procedures. Accomplishes clerical, statistical, and data entry tasks in support of the administrative work of the office using automated data processing (ADP) system. Types a variety of narrative and tabular material (e.g., correspondence reports) into automated equipment utilizing the full range of keys, codes, proofing symbols, functions and applications to develop products in final form. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Carl P. Willingham, Supervisor's Phone: 703-569-5100)

          TacStaffing Inc. 10/1998 - 5/1999
          Vienna, VA US Hours per week: 8 to 40
          Data Quality Coder

          Data Quality Coder at National Electronics Warranty Corporation – Utilizes the RALLY computer program in order to code, key, and process an entire multi-national account. Also assisted in supervisory duties. Typing speed 65 wpm (tested) accuracy, did the job of eight personnel.

          Unemployed 7/1986 - 5/1999
          Dale City, VA US Hours per week: 84
          Domestic Engineer

          Domestic Engineer – Handles personnel actions and management of three people in this household. Keeps accurate records, types, integrates various types of paperwork on a networked personal computer. Keeps typing speed and accuracy by typing on an IBM Selectric II typewriter and a personal computer (e.g., Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Word 6.0/97). Utilizes information skills from past schooling and experience.

          ABC Temporaries, Inc. 2/1997 - 4/1997
          Fredericksburg, VA (USA) Hours per week: 8 to 40
          Secretary/Admin Assistant/Wordprocessor

          Secretary, Administrative Assistant, Wordprocessor – Typing experience 67 wpm (tested) accuracy to date, filing, data entry, and proofreading skills.

          Delex Systems, Inc. 7/1984 - 7/1986
          Vienna, VA (USA) Hours per week: 40

          Wordprocessor – Typed a variety of materials to include charts, statements of work, point papers, periodic (monthly) letter reports. Typed, drafted, and finalized; edited and archived all paper work. Aided technical personnel and assisted in matting complicated charts for various government contracts. This work was performed for a variety of personnel from action officers to top management. Considered a ‘high production turn-around wordprocessor' for short-term suspenses. Had a Top Secret clearance.

          TacTemps, Inc. 4/1984 - 6/1984
          Vienna, VA (USA) Hours per week: 8 to 40

          Types various correspondence, routine acknowledgements, and inputs to various IBM equipment. Filed correspondence, letters, reports, disposition forms, memos, and statistical document.

          U.S. Army Engineer Center & Fort Belvoir 11/1981 - 4/1984
          Fort Belvoir, VA (USA)
          Grade Level: GS-6 Hours per week: 40
          Supervisor, Military Personnel Clerks, 0204

          Supervisor, Military Personnel Clerks, 204 series – Maintains the flow and quality of work in the office to assure timely accomplishment of the assigned mission. Makes recommendations for improvement of operation. Provided guidance and instruction to subordinates; and resolved problems of an administrative and technical nature, which could not be resolved by subordinates. Planned for, initiated requests, and selected employees for vacancies within the office. Establishes and monitors performance appraisals, and recommends subordinates for awards. Reviews, determines, and implements training needs for subordinates, resolved grievances, and approved leaves.

          Sterling Systems, Inc. 8/1980 - 10/1981
          McLean, VA (USA) Hours per week: 40
          Technical Assistant Senior/ADP System Operator

          Types a variety of materials, which included military letters, charts, statements of work, and disposition forms. Established periodic reports and originated formats for various materials; finalized, edited, and archived all paperwork. Aided technical personnel and assisted and/or trained personnel on the LEXITRON word processor. Provides technical service on all proposals, and publishes editorial papers for originators. This work was performed for a variety of personnel from action officers to top management. Performed all these duties independently with minimum supervision. Had a Secret clearance.

          MERADCOM 6/1980 - 8/1980
          Fort Belvoir, VA (USA)
          Grade Level: GS-04 Hours per week: 40
          Secretary (Typing), 0318

          Receives incoming mail, screened material to determine which went to the supervisor or disseminated to appropriate personnel. Composes routine acknowledgements, reviews outgoing correspondence, maintains supervisor’s calendar, schedules and makes arrangements for various routine procedures (e.g., travel itineraries, agendas, meetings). Establishes and maintains files in accordance with the functional file system. Prepares or assists in preparation of special and/or recurrent reports, letters, disposition forms, memos, and statistical data. Types in draft and final form complex handwritten and printed notes, which contains technical or scientific terminology. Performed all these duties independently with minimum supervision. Had a Secret clearance. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: James Dennis)

          U.S. Army Field Station Berlin 8/1977 - 5/1979
          APO, NY (USA) Hours per week: 40
          Administrative Specialist

          Provides administrative and service support for a 600-man SIGINT operational site. Maintains files and publications, issues expendable supplies, schedules activities, graphics-art work, computer card keypunching, and preparation of proof copy reports; also made reservations for incoming VIP's. Administrative duties include routine correspondence, reports, disposition forms, updating calendar for supervisor and Operations Officer. Types and acts as Secretary for the Operations Officer. Types various letters (e.g., commendation, appreciation, disciplinary) and reports for the Operations Officer. Also handles scheduling of meetings (for/with VIP's or Operations). Utilized German language training in scheduling various activities for VIP's and Operations Officer. Had a Top Secret/SI clearance. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: MAJ Schnapp)

          Defense Languate Institute/Intelligence School 9/1976 - 8/1977
          Monterrey/Goodfellow AFB, CA/TX US

          Hours per week: 40

          Student – Attended the basic 32-week German NCTS language course. Studied and learned German syntax, format, correspondence, listening, reading, writing, and understanding the language. Homework 8-10 hours each night, besides the 40 hours of class work per week.
          — Attended Electronic Warfare/Cryptologic Interceptor, Voice (German) school. Learned to use various electronic and technical devices/equipment to include classified operations. Homework 8 hours each night, besides the 40 hours of class work per week. Had a Top Secret clearance.

          U.S. Army Security Agency School Brigade 2/1974 - 9/1976
          Fort Devens, MA (USA) Hours per week: 40
          Officer Records Specialist

          Officer Records Specialist – Handles personnel records and personnel actions for approximately 1,000 officers. Assumed this duty with no past experience or knowledge of Officer Efficiency Report (OER) system. Self-trained and also then trained 3 other clerks in the techniques of OER handling/preparation. Worked overtime to insure accuracy and efficiency. Had a Top Secret clearance. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: SSG Whalen)

          Northern Virginia Community College, Woodbridge, VA US
          Associate Degree - 5/2004
          73.33 Semester Hours
          Major: Administrative Support Technology, specializing in Office Administration and Management
          GPA: 2.878 out of 3.037

          Relevant Coursework, Licensures, and Certifications:
          Human Resource Management, Record/Database Management, Editing/Proofreading, Intro Micro Software, Principles of Accounting I & II, Principles of Business Management I, Principles of Data Processing, English Composition I & II, Business Math I, Principles of Applied Psychology, Personal Analysis II, Business Law I & II, Systems Analysis I, American Const. Government, Typewriting III, Personnel Management, Shooting/Firearms Safety, Office Systems and Procedures I, Structured Program Logic, Specialized Typewriting Applications, Introduction Sociology I, Astronomy I, Emergency Medical Service I & II, Health Science I.

          Baker High School, Columbus, GA US
          High School or equivalent - 6/1973
          Major: General Studies

          Behavior: Putting Your Best Foot Forward, 2007; Communicating With Power and Confidence, 2007; Handling Conflict With Others, 2007; Managing a Violent Crisis, 2007; Managing Your Anger, 2007; Managing Yourself and Those Around You, 2007; Potential Powder Kegs: Identifying and Defusing Them, 2007; Professional Skills for Customer Service Agents, 2007; The Three Stages of Aggressive Behavor, 2007; Workplace Aggression: The Scope of the Problem, 2007; Partnering with Your Boss, 2007; Advancing Your Administrative Career, 2007; Administrative Functions, 2007; Basics of Writing Short Stories and Articles for Publication 2006; Microsoft Word III, 2006; Professional Writing, 2006; Resonant Viewing (Advanced), 2006; Resonant Viewing (Intermediate), 2006; Resonant Viewing (Basic), 2005; Comprehensive Proofreading, January 2005; Intensive Review of Grammar, December 2004; Basic Indexing, October 2004; Fundamentals of Manuscript Editing, May 2004; Attack on Grammar, January 2004; Windows XP, 2003; Creative Problem Solving, 2001; Managing Multiple Priorities, 2001; Paper and File Management, 2001; Excel 97 (Intro & Intermed.), 2000; Power Point 97 (Intro & Intermed.), 2000; Microsoft Windows 95, Level 1, 1997; Microsoft Word for Windows 95, Level 1, 1997; Wordperfect 4.2, 1988; Administrative Specialist Course, 1978; USCOB/USAB Adjutant General Files Management Course, 1978; Electronic Warfare/Voice Intercept Operator, 1977; German Language NCTS course, 1976; Personnel Records Specialist Course, 1974.

          Spoken: Intermediate
          Written: Novice
          Read: Novice

          Prince William & Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce member (2004-2005)
          Woodbridge Wireless, Inc. amateur radio operator -- K9NSA

          Published: Hidden Agendas, lstBooks(now AuthorHouse), ISBN#1-4107-7705-7, 9 Sept 2003; New England Interlude, Corkhill Press, ISBN#1-59408-231-6 and 1-59408-463-7, Oct 2003.

          REFERENCES -- Available upon request.

          Typing speed 65 wpm. Proficient in Microsoft Office 2003 (Powerpoint, Excel, Access, Word) and Windows XP. Strong organizational skills, detail oriented, proficient in use of stand-alone and LAN personal computers, excellent researcher, and Internet applications.

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