WritingRoom.com is for everyone because everyone has a story to tell; a letter to write; a school paper to finish or simply the need to communicate. Everyone has sat agonizingly in front of a blank piece of paper or a blank computer screen and the words won’t come. WritingRoom is here for you.

WritingRoom understands the struggles and demands involved with writing; the blank page, the writers block and the stakes involved with wrestling through the creative process. We are a community where writers can work, independently or with others, communicate, stumble, get encouragement and meet people with similar interests.

WritingRoom can help publishers find the next New York Times bestseller or producers find the next Academy Award winning screenplay. We are here to help students achieve that desperately needed A on their next paper and the business person write the perfect letter. As a niche social network, designed for writers, students, readers and anyone who has ever had to or wanted to put pen to paper, WritingRoom.com is everything writing.

As a member you can create writings; read, rate and critique others; get help and advice from other members; upload photos; send messages; participate in writing activities with other members; store and share your writings. Best of all its free! So why not, sign in, create a custom profile and join the community.

WritingRoom.com is currently in its beta phase which means that you are among the first to join our community. We will be introducing new features and functionality weekly. If you have any ideas that may add to our site please feel free to pass them on. We want to make WritingRoom as useful and enjoyable as possible for our members. Also, please bear with us and let us know of any glitches or technical issues you may encounter, we are here to help. We are looking forward to building a wonderful community and an excellent collection of writings. Thanks for checking us out!

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