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Member Name Angelina Werner
Date of Birth 03/16/1987
Gender Female
Location Germany
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    • Hi to everyone!
      I'm Angelina and I'm exactly the kind of person you would never have believed to want to become an author. I never liked reading. Being a very slow reader even caused my failing the A levels. Only recently I realized reading never appealed to me, because I've never seen my parents pick up a book in their lives. And I never had friends, who so much as mentioned that they read just for the fun of it. However, I have always been interested in language. I speak a total of five. And I've always been correcting everyone's grammar - kind of ironic, I know.
      After failing the A levels I did want to start reading. Harry Potter was recommended to me and I swollowed it. But after a feeble attempt of finding another book I liked to read, I just couldn't bring myself to read anything else. Later I tried a few romances, some comedies, even horror, but nothing ever really appealed to me. I tried Twilight, which was good, although I was never really into fantasy. But my kinda-liking the Twilight books made me look up other works from Stephenie Meyer. I found The Host and I instantly knew this was my genre. Only then did I start reading tons of books (as far as my children allowed me to do so) in YA dystopia, including the Divergent and Hunger Games series.
      So it took me failing the A levels, five years of taking and turning down smaller and bigger jobs, two kids, and the second attempt of passing the A levels until I knew what kind of books I liked. And it took me about one year more to find out that I wanted to become a writer. I started the reasearch for my first book half a year ago. Now I am 30k words into my first novel. My whole heart is in this. Eighteen books I've read this year, mostly about the craft of writing and inspite of having a one- and a two-year-old at home, who demand my attention every waking minute.
      I won't deny that I still need to learn a lot, given that the most common advice for aspiring writers is "read, read, read." I'm sure my writing is nowhere nearly as good as the writing of people, who have always loved books. But I know this is my passion. This is what I want to do. And I will do it even if I only sell five books in my entire life.

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writing a_v_werner
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