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Member Name Faith Junaid
Date of Birth 05/23/1952
Gender Female
Location Oregon
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    • I'm a serious procrastinator who loves to tell stories. Unfortunately, writing (showing) them is so much harder than dreaming (or telling) them. I never, ever lack for ideas. I do lack discipline. I have enough plots and premises in notes and outlines to take me another fifty years to get written properly. Hopefully, I'll get some of them written.

      I've written poetry since I could write. Most of it is pretty bad and really written only for myself as an emotional outlet. In the past few years I've tried to write some serious poetry. It takes a little more time and attention, but I am working on it. I think I've written a few good poems. I'm currently collecting some books of poetry by poets I think are great and I will read and study them to see what I can learn for my own poetry.

      The kind of comments I'd really like to see are those that don't simply say you liked or didn't like what I wrote, but tell me WHY you liked it or not. What can I do to improve?

        • I like so many that I have never been able to choose a favorite. I tend to prefer more literary writing, but that in no way excludes genres. Genres can be very literary. The best always is.

          If you're really interested in what I like to read, you can check out my library at This library also contains all my husband's books and I have not yet read even all my own books. Eventually I'll have all I've read marked in some way.

        • Again, I don't really have favorites. Depends on what I've seen and liked recently. I'm only just beginning to look at movies as literature. One thing I have learned about movies is that it isn't only the screenwriter who makes a movie a good story. It also needs a good director. In the best movies they are the same person, or have have a good connection.

        • To be honest, even though I consider myself a poet, I listen to music more for the music than the lyrics. There are a lot of good lyricists out there, though. I just tend to need to actually read the lyrics as poetry to appreciate them.

        • Seamus Heaney, T.S. Eliot, Emily Dickenson (I'll be adding to this list as I read and study.)

        • Right now, these are the only places I'm spending any time online.

          My website, Airy Nothing (
          My Xanga blog (
          My Live Journal blog (

        • Mother Teresa

        • Writing (duh!), quilting, cross-stitch, gardening, sewing. I'll try pretty much anything creative at least once. I also like to read and walk.

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