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Member Name Sylvia Van Belle
Date of Birth 01/10/1995
Gender Female
Location South Africa
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    • I'm currently fourteen, think far too much of my writing, and therefore posting it on a blog, and at present, very annoyed with my English teacher. What else might you wish to know that I'm prepared to tell to complete strangers?

        • Look, at present I'm trying to broaden my horizons, which involves ploughing through as many classics as I can and pretending to appreciate them. At least, ploughing through classics when I'm not reading some ridiculous pop fantasy. Those are always fun. And then you could read some Pratchett if you're feeling like you need some seriousness in your life. At the momement I'm rereading the Discworld again, for fun.

        • Monty Python. Although I've an utterly useless DVD rental. And it didn't have Nightmare before Chrismas or most other Burtons. So very tragic. I'm going to complain to the 'thorities. Take it up with your manager, I am.
          And I won't object to any Cinema Nouveau either.

        • You know, maybe someday I'll buy my own music instead of living off the remanents of my sister's old library that she shared with me until she moved away. there's only so much Belle & Sebastian, 1900s, Aberfeldy, the Weepies and Camera Obscura one can handle, you know. Although I am doing my best. Oh, and some random Glaswegian bands that mostly begin with an F.
          And, to the horror of all my class mates, I, a teenager, can appreciate classical music! Although apparently I'm a freak of nature, so that's all right then. What a convenient explanation.

        • Well, once House decides to come up with another season that my brother can torrent...
          And then there's her collection of TV shows such as Porroit, A bit of Fry and Laurie, Jeeves and Wooster, House off Cards, but most of these are sort of Friday evening, I'm tired but feel like something fun.

        • xkcd.

        • No, I'm not sad enough to go around reciting poetry. Well, except for the Jabberwocky. And perhaps the raven. And I did go round the corridors at school reciting Green Eggs and Ham. But that's completely beside the point. it's completely irrelevant. Except that it is the point. Look, just go away, alright!

        • The hero that will save me from the pancake monster that lives under my sister's bed at her flat. You cannot see it, but all you here, in the deepest op nights is the one final, phffflop.

        • My Social Sciences teacher had an inspiring quote on the back or her flip file. It annoyed me. I can recite the HOly Grail off by heart, and I can find the appropriate pratchett quote. If you really want, I can tape a conversation with my sister, you're bound to find half of that is quotes either. But I'll be buggered if I'm going to waste time putting sageatious quotes here.

        • My mother won't let me be a teapot. They're always telling me I can be anything I want, achieve everything, if I on;y try hard enough, and that I shouldn't let anyone repress me (help help, I'm being repressed - monty python). but then they go on about my dream to be a teapot. With blue floral patterns. Or an orange armadillo, for that matter. Or an envelope slicer thing.

        • i dance - modern and tap, i play music - piano and violin and if I ever actually take out my guitar I ,might learn how to play it, just so's I can say I play "violin, piano and guitar." I also wish to learn the secret art of cutlery sculpturing, but my father won't pay for the fees, which are unbelievably high. My brother says its all a scam, and that there is no secret art of cutlery sculpting, and that they just want to get my money! How could! He inhibits my natural creativity. he insults the work and training of many monks who have spent months living off the left toes of newts. There's no helping some poeple.

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writing Sylvia
No, I don't have a tag line, and I'm not going to spend hours thinking of one. I don't expect anyone to actually pay any attention to me. I'm just here to keep track of my own work.
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