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Member Name Joe Kruppenbacher
Date of Birth 08/04/1982
Gender Male
Location Gilbert, Az.
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    • I read these about me sections a lot and I have come to find you can learn a lot about people if you take time to read them. So I will say a few basic things about me and be done with it:

      1. I love kids, especially teenagers. I seem to be able to connect with them in ways that most people cannot. I find kids can be deeper than most adults if you take time to listen.

      2. I am energetic and hyperactive as crap and enjoy that about me. People have a hard time keeping up with me because I am always on the go.

      3. I have a ten year old daughter named Rachel that I love to death and would do anything for, she is my pride and joy.

      4. I can be fun, energetic, and silly, and then the next moment be deep and thoughtful. The switch sometimes throws people off.

      5. I am an avid reader, but my favorite author, mentor, and hero is CS Lewis. He is the inspiration behind most of my writing.

      6. I also am a studier of history and am so passionate about it that I am actually a History Major at Dallas Baptist University.

        • My favorite Books are:
          The Bible, The Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain, Surprised By Joy, The Screwtape letters, Miracles, The Babylon Rising Series, The Soon Series, From out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, That Hideous Strength, The City of God, The Confession of St. Augustine, Revelation Expounded, Spiritual Authority, The Left Behind Series, The Creation Science Series, The Great Divorce, the pilgrims Progress, Foxes Book of Martyrs, The Works of John Calvin, and many others that I am too lazy to get up and tell you.
          My favorite authors are:
          C.S. Lewis first and foremost, I consult his opinion on everything, Tim Lahaye, Jerry Jenkins, St. Augustine, John Calvin, Finis Dake, Watchman Nee, John Bunyan, and Edgar Allen Poe.

        • My favorite Movies, beginning with my favorite and ending with my least favorite:
          Transformers, Live Free or Die Hard, Batman Begins, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Cinderella Man, Walk the Line, Gladiator, Blades of Glory, The Prestige, Equilibrium, catch me if you can, and Mission Impossible three.

        • I listen to a large variety of music, but all the artists are Christian artists. The music I listen to most often is Metal, and hard rock. ( You would think that is really weird for a poet, but if you read metal lyrics, they are often the most poetic, and the music, as hard as it is, is often the most talented.)
          I also listen to Worship music, alternative, some rap, some operatic, and a variety of others. My favorite artists are as follows:
          Demon Hunter, Norma Jean, As I lay Dying, Blindside, Living Sacrifice, Zao, UnderOath, Oh, Sleeper, Thousand Foot Krutch, Flyleaf, RodLaver, Jonah 33, Mat Kearney, KJ-52, Emery, Anberlin, David Crowder Band, Delirious, Travail, and Dead Poetic to name a few.

        • I don't really have a lot of shows I watch, but I say that realizing that I must have too much free time on my hands because I am naming too many shows for a man who does "not watch a lot of TV. My favorite show is Everybody Loves Raymond. Then of course the list goes like this: Shark, CSI, Two and A half men, The Simpsons, Johnny Test, The Emperor's New School, Eon Kid, King of Queens, Saved By the Bell, Family Matters, According to Jim and many others...

      Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
      on 1/20/2009 6:12:23 PM
      Congratulations on being a featured member Joe. You certainly deserve to be highlighted.

      danicpa68   danicpa68 wrote
      on 1/12/2009 10:11:00 AM
      Thanks for your message. I haven't logged in a while. Not sure why. I will start writing again. ;)

      penname   penname wrote
      on 1/4/2009 7:11:55 PM
      congrats on being the highlighted member this month...also, i love c.s. lewis too. looking forward to more writing from you.

      Angeleyez   Angeleyez wrote
      on 7/9/2008 10:30:18 PM
      hey just wanted to cemment on the "about me section" lol im one of those ppl who do look at those....thats the first thing i look at when i go into sum ones profile and i think its very lets you get to know the reader alittle...well if you put stuff about yourself in there of course...just wanted to let you know that your not alone lol i read them to....and i also am a christian and love God with all my heart......hope you keep up the good readings thank you -Alicia

      Ancient117331   Ancient117331 wrote
      on 4/29/2008 9:17:04 AM
      Joe, I saw your message... I have been writing, just not posting here at the moment. But watch - and they will shortly appear. By the way - Throwaway Kids comment was quite real. As to the poem, an honest view - its child-like in its simplistic stye and that isn't bad for a person expressing themselves and what they feel... but child-like doesn't have the bite and guts of the adult. Chris T. i

writing Sojourner
A pen and paper present endless possibilities....
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