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Member Name Shellee peters
Date of Birth 06/19/1995
Gender Female
Location Sutter
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    • Hi my name is Shellee. I started writing when I was 11. I first started to write my autobiography because I have been through a lot and I have a paralyzed arm/leg so I thought besides for repeating myself to a lot of people if people are interested in knowing what happened they can buy My Crazy Life Part one . I am going to self-publish through createspace. All I need is some medical records. I am now writing my second autobiography. I also write fiction as you can tell. I am a aunt to a wonderful boy, I have two brothers. I live with my mom. My mom and "dad" divorced when I was younger. I graduated high school in 2014. I am from a little town. I am a girly girl with a little bit of tomboy. I have 3 dogs. My best friend lives far away. I am single but my heart belongs to my senior prom date. Did I mention I was born on June 19th 1995. Wait I am not even at 1000 yet? I graduated from Brittian elementary school in 2010. I transferred from Butte Vista in 2007. I was in special Ed my entire life. I have 3 dogs. Mollee, Punkee, and Tracy. My poor sweet dog Montee died on April,13th,2014. My prom date, my mom, and I were in the newspaper on May,13th,2014 for Prom and promoted my first book My Crazy Life Part One. I was in drama my senior year of high school but still I have stage fright. With my brothers I have a older and younger. My older brother is nine years, 1 month and 29 days older then me and my not so baby brother is two years, 10 months, sixteen days younger then me so all together between the time my mom gave birth to my older brother and younger brother it was twelve years and two weeks. Is 1652 letters enough? I don't think so I am trying to hit at least 1900. People didn't treat me right when I was in school. My first book has 96 pages so far. I am on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram. I actually have a facebook page for my books its called Author Shellee Ann Peters. My instagram is writer_shellee_ann_peters. One of my aunts died of breast cancer.

        • Helen Keller, Anne Siliven, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Martin L King Jr are my Favorite Authors. Any books from them I love. I also love 90 minutes in Heaven from Don Piper.

        • Twilight series (team Edward), Harry Potter series, Heaven Is For Real, Twitches 1&2, Fast&Furious (all of them) (Rip Paul Walker), Princess Diaries 1&2 (Rip Rick Young), all the Bring it ons, My Sisters Keeper, Spy Kids

        • If the heart is always searching
          Can you ever find a home
          I've been looking for that someone
          I'll never make it on my own
          Dreams can't take the place of loving you
          There's gotta be a million reasons why it's true
          When you look me in the eyes
          And tell me that you love me
          Every thing's alright
          When you're right here by my side
          When you look me in the eyes
          I catch a glimpse of heaven
          I find my paradise
          When you look me in the eyes
          How long will I be waiting
          To be with you again
          Gonna tell you that I love you
          In the best way that I can
          I can't take a day without you here
          You're the light that makes my darkness disappear
          When you look me in the eyes
          And tell me that you love me
          Every thing's alright
          When you're right here by my side
          When you look me in the eyes
          I catch…

        • Hey anold, Rugrats, Keeping up with the Kardashions, 19 kids and counting

        • Appeal Democrats

        • Any writing prompts websits

        • My mom, Helen Keller, M.L.K.Jr

        • Writing

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writing Shellbell
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