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Member Name Shannon Anicas
Date of Birth 07/04/1971
Gender Female
Location Tallmadge, OH
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    • Who am I?

      I love to write, meet people, and drink a good glass of wine and a good strong cup of coffee, devour fashion mags and websites, drool over couture, and dream big. I am a modern girl just trying to make it in this crazy world...

      I am not a supermodel nor pretend to be. I am a real woman, curves, flaws and all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love to don the latest looks, flip through fashion mags looking for ways to make a size 0 fashion style fit at plus size body. I am not supermodel rich either so I am always looking for a way to make it stylish on a realistic budget. It doesn’t mean I don’t splurge now and then either, because I do. I girl just has to be realistic now and then.

      I can be sarcastic and have a very dark sense of humor, due mostly to being brought up with Monty Python, Faulty Towers and Mel Brooks.

      In addition to writing, reading and photography, one day I want to travel the world, making sure to have stops in Ireland, England, Paris, Tuscany, and Rome. If it were up to me I would live in the middle of some European country side on a farm away from everything and just read, write, take pics and drink lots of wine.

      I love watching sports, but under my own power, not because I have to. I am a huge fan (or addict depending on how you look at it) of NASCAR. I have thousands of dollars in my collection of cars and memorabilia. I love the Packers mostly because of Brett(and this season won't be the same with out him!) because his dad taught me how to drive. I also love the Indians and root for the Saints because, well just because.

      I also like cars. But the majority of my interest lies in Mustangs. I always dreamed I would own one, and in Nov 2004 I bought a 2004 Anniversary Edition Mustang forever my pnygrl.

      I love to garden, watch birds and do absolutely nothing if time allows. I am inherently lazy and hate house work. In fact I would rather eat on paper plates for life before washing a single dish. I actually would rather burn the house down at times then clean it. But this doesn't mean I am a slob, just lazy. When I go on one of my OCD rampages you could eat off the toilet should you choose to do so.

      I love Winnie the Pooh, butterflies, cats, the feeling of sand between my toes and candles and did I mention wine?

        • I love books...I often read several at a time...I Just finished Eat.Pray.Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and all I can saw is wow!! It was amazing. I was sad when it ended because it was just that good. Please read it because it will change your outlook on life.
          I am hoping for another good book soon...if you have one you would like me to peruse and review email me. :)(3-25-08) Counting down the days until Such a Pretty Fat arrives in my mail box. If you haven't already please check out Jen Lancasters books-in one word "laughyourassofffunny". Also, you have to read Good in Bed by Jennifer Weirner. She is freakin fantabulous!!

        • I love movies. If I had more time I would start watching more. Like my music tastes, my film tastes varies just as much. I like indie, chick flic, horror, action, old new, musicals...what ever I get in the mood for...My favorite is Moulin Rouge...current recommendation is Last Kiss. I am in a mood as of late to watch old tear jerkers...I just requested Love Story and The Way We Were from the library...

        • I love all music and vary on what I listen to daily depending on my mood. I can go from classical to rap to metal to country in a single day.

        • I don't get to watch much anymore, so I DVR alot. My core shows are: Biggest Loser, Sex and the City, General Hospital, House, Scrubs, Smallville, October Road, Bionic Woman, Cashmer Mafia, Lipstick Jungle, ANTM, Project Runway, Holmes on Holmes, NASCAR & Greenbay football.

        • I have to say my son and daughter are amazing illustrators and comic book artist. They are only 16 & 14 and are years ahead of most 30 somethings in Anime.

        • My grandfather James H. Winkler, Capt. Gregory Ratzlaff, my sister-in-law Christina, the men and women of the armed services

        • I love photography, writing, reading, fashion, football (Packers), NASCAR (Harvick), chick flicks, random trivia, celebrity gossip, musicals, butterflies, Winnie-the-pooh, living near the ocean (although I don’t right now), flowers, gardening, running around barefoot in the summer, candles, a good bottle of wine, shopping for shoes and looking for bargains...

      Charles   Charles wrote
      on 4/29/2008 4:25:37 PM
      I'll look forward to reading your writings. In the meantime never loose that spirit. Never stop chasing your dreams. And never never let a day pass without a fine glass of wine. I salute you.

writing Shannon_Anicas
Getting My Glam-on!
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