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Member Name Robert
Date of Birth 01/27/1993
Gender Male
Location Some kind of Comical Tragedy
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    • This "About Me" section could get interesting.
      Its hard to illustrate me, if i were to have someone else explain me it woud be easier.
      I love to Daydream,while other people will be chatting along ill be staring out the window admiring the beauty of the sky. I will think of questions at random and write them down where ever. I love my Friends, Friends are always good to push you along in the right path,well if your friends care....
      Music is half my life , Im one of the many musicians of my family , I learn quick, I can pick up almost any instrument and if you give me a week ill be hooked. I love playing my guitar. If im not Making music im listening to it. I like randomly making "beats" by taping fingers , feet, pencils, about anything i can make noise with. Im in Choir, I love to sing and dance which I do while I brush my teeth, ussually:D
      I was Born a musician I just got alot better:)
      Im not the best writer in the world , but i love poetry. I love to paint , Im fine saying that im not the best painter in the world eather but what ever i make i keep to show progress. Im never Organized nor neat.
      Love is a powerful word, its cliche, but true. I believe the answer to life is love , I believe Im here to love and be loved, I believe that everyone finds there love at some point of there life if they realize it or not. Its a choice.
      Im not a very serious person but i can be, I love to have fun and joke around. I have my lazy days or try to anyways. Im very versatile.
      Life can be fun , why not have fun:) Its All a Choice.

        • The Twilight series
          And I've always loved the book "Transall Saga"

        • I love alot of movies and I watch alot of movies,
          cant pick any favorites:)
          But I Can say I Enjoy
          Adam Sandler and Will Smith Movies the Most:)

        • I have alot of Music and I Love all of my music, I dont like anything to sexist(which is in alot of rap)
          I think my Favorite artist would be Owl City, Always sets the mood:)

        • Phineas and Ferb , All The Way!
          But there are alot of random shows I like to :)

        • I Love Peanut butter and Bannana Sandwiches :D

      Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
      on 8/20/2010 10:43:03 PM
      Dammit I shouldn't have done that

      SaltWaterRomance   SaltWaterRomance wrote
      on 5/26/2010 2:06:51 PM
      Havent been on here in a long time....

      Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
      on 6/30/2009 6:31:51 PM
      okokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokok..... imma stop there, sorry... XD

      Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
      on 6/23/2009 6:51:58 PM
      eeeeyyy...! goober? lol really? o.O

      Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
      on 6/3/2009 5:19:09 AM
      Thanks. :)

writing SaltWaterRomance
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