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Member Name Roxanne
Gender Female
Location Belfast
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    • Hi guys,

      I graduated from the University of Ulster last year, where i completed a degree in psychology.

      I live in Belfast in Northern Ireland and i love it to death....

      Please make sure to click on the 'view all of my writings' to see all of the poetry.

      My first book 'The Irony of The Splinter in My Eye' was self published at which i am quite proud of compiling, yes i know any body can do this and its not like real publishing but it still got the attention of a fair few strangers which is a nice starting out acheivement.

      My Second self published book, 'Fireflies in the Attic' can also be found on

      I also have an amazing boyfriend who is a fantastic singer/songwriter, check him out on soundcloud - Brian Robb

      Thankyou for visiting my page and please try to read and comment some of my work!

      Roxy Ribbons

      p.s- these may have grammatical issues, this is my weak spot so let me know but capital letters and commas are usually there to make a point, not mistakes!

        • Jane Austen
          Stephanie Myers
          Danielle Steele
          Jodi Picoult
          Terry Pratchett
          J.K. Rowling
          Catherine Cookson
          Torey Hayden
          'The Lovely Bones'
          'Angelas Ashes'
          many other supernatural, period drama or autobiographys

      Roxanna   Roxanna wrote
      on 10/16/2011 7:15:17 AM!/pages/Roxy-Ribbons/197221367006346

      Roxanna   Roxanna wrote
      on 9/9/2011 6:20:33 AM!/pages/Roxy-Ribbons/197221367006346 please like my poetry facebook page

      Dakota   Dakota wrote
      on 6/30/2011 2:14:20 PM
      Hi Roxanna, Good luck on your first effort at fantasy! Since you're just starting out, I suggest making some plans in the form of a short synopsis where you can lay out your characters and plot. Fantasy is really complex, especially as far as the characters, and it's good to know you have a working set of characters from the start. If you think of better ideas along the way while you're writing, don't consider yourself stuck with the synopsis. It's just a starting point. Dakota

      Roxanna   Roxanna wrote
      on 5/1/2011 11:07:20 AM The Magicians Blues - Brian Robbs new video on youtube please watch!!!!!

      Roxanna   Roxanna wrote
      on 3/29/2011 12:10:33 PM
      okay so its all got a bit mumble jumbled for some reason but the new poems i uploaded are as follows Enough China Doll Englands Glory Family Gone Love Heroin The Brothel of her Heart Pointless Story Poison Silohettes in Suicide i think thats all! So please have a read of them!

writing Roxanna
Unable are the Loved To Die For Love is Immortality!
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