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WritingRoom Expert Mike Firesmith
Only you can make you a writer.
Date of Birth 11/09/1960
Gender Male
Location Hickory Head
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    • Welcome to Writing Room's Coaches Corner. My name is Mike Firesmith and I'll be your Writing Coach. To help you understand better what I am offering, and what I am not offering, let me begin my saying that I believe anyone who has it in their heart to write can be a writer. It is my job to reveal this inner writer to you.

      I'm not an editor, however, and I can't promise you that I will read your novel and help you fix it. (It may not be broken, you know) I'm here for those who are just beginning to feel that yearning to write. I'm here to help new writers crack away the shell and fly. I'm here as a guide through the many pitfalls and bad habits that new writers sometimes fall prey.

    • I'm a self taught writer. I have no degrees, I've never been to college, and I hesitate to tell you where I've been published because I left that part of my life behind. Trust me, it's easier this way.

      The one big thing that new writers have to face is the idea that there is some key, some recipe, some class that can be taken and the end result is a writer.

      Read what I've written, and decide if I'm qualified.

      Writing is like painting, or sculpture, or giving birth. It can be explained to you, but when it comes right down to it, there has to be something inside for something to come out.

      LizzyB87   LizzyB87 wrote
      on 9/28/2016 5:34:25 AM
      Hi my name is Elizabeth. I have just started out in writing and i am currently penning my first book. What I lack is self-belief. I think i am putting too much pressure on myself and i don't want this to affect my work. I was just wondering if you could possibly read my work so far and comment on what you think of it and if you could provide advice on what i could do

      Bronkerz   Bronkerz wrote
      on 2/17/2011 10:24:45 PM
      hello my name is Elysa and i write fiction stories. my main problem is not enough details but when i put more details into my stories i feel like its all wrong. i could appraite your help if you would. thanks in advamce

      Sojourner   Sojourner wrote
      on 6/20/2010 7:44:05 PM
      Hey Mr. Firesmith. I used to be friends with you and I am starting to write a book named Emmeth. It is essentially about a guy who is the best PI in the world but has gotten caught up in drugs and such because his family was murdered right before his eyes. I know it could be better, but if you are interested I would like you to read the first chapter and give me pointers on things I could do better.

      JmlB   JmlB wrote
      on 6/7/2010 2:48:46 PM
      Hello, I'm Josie. I really enjoy the way you approch your work. When you talk in "lesson one" something in me stirs up, I love to write but barely find the time. When I write it is something that must be done, I must write it down on paper beofre I lose it. I haven't written much and now starting to try to write in french, which is of course very hard, I'm not sure if my work is up to standard (by work I mean the work I have published on this site). I'm young and hoping to increase my love so I can someday become a known writer or even journalist! I don't know whether it is just a dream but still I want to pursue it! I don't know whether I am good enough to have an expert like yourself. I would love it if you could read some of my writing and see if I have potentiel if you can spare the time. Josie.

      Alex_Suarez   Alex_Suarez wrote
      on 5/29/2009 4:27:20 PM
      Mike, I really admire your personality and the way you approach writing. I was wondering if you could give me some criticism on a short story i posted to the site yesterday. I'd really appreciate it. The short story is called Waiting and it is VERY short. Maybe if you have the time we can develop a correspondence. Thanks, Alex

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Writing Coach, Proofreader, Content Editor
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