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WritingRoom Author Ronnie Elliv
Writing; my anti-drug.
Date of Birth 01/20/1990
Gender Female
Location Missouri
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    • Hello Everybody!

      As of February 18, 2009, I am a new member! Whoohoo! This site looks very helpful and I can't wait to start using it effectively. It might be a little while before I begin posting things. I would like to get a feel of the community here first and learn the do's and don'ts about it. Proper etiquette is the key to getting anywhere. ;)

      Now, on to me; I am 19 years-old (as of 02-18-09), female, and an author, of course. I have one novel published by Publish America. It is entitled 'The Fire Loves Me' by Ronnie Elliv. I have a boyfriend by the name of Matt, whom I've been with for about a year and nine months (as of 02-18-09). I have several pets, including a beagle (Bruce), a black lab-mix (Buster), two rats (Edgar (Alan Poe) and Julius (Caesar) (I adopted them, pre-named, from my old English teacher)), a broken-chocolate mini-rex rabbit (Erich), and a sadly obese cat (Leia).

      I absolutely love music and movies. As far as music goes, I can listen to just about anything except for Country, Rap, and Hip-Hop (sorry). I love Rock, just about any kind, except Screamo (I suppose that would go under the Couldn't-Really-Listen-To-Sorry category). Anything from Elton John, to Rammstein, to HIM I absolutely adore. In fact, my top three bands just so happen to be HIM, Muse, and Rammstein. As far as movies go, I love movies. I grew up on movies. A couple of my favorites being; The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Donnie Darko, Stephen King's The Stand, Pink Floyd: The Wall, Fight Club, Drop Dead Fred, Detroit Rock City and many others. Books are pretty gnarly, too. I enjoyed the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, loved a Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells, The Stand by Stephen King, Gerald's Game and The Eyes of the Dragon by the same author. And others, of course.

      And I absolutly love to meet new people. So, if you want, drop me a line. I could use a few friends on here to show me the ropes.

      Love Always,
      R. Elliv

        • Most of the TV I watch is educational or, at least, semi, such as "How the Earth Was Made" on the History Channel, "Planet Earth" on Animal Planet, "Growing Up..." on Animal Planet. Actually, most shows on Animal Planet. I love animals. I don't really watch much TV otherwise, though. I do enjoy the sit-coms Seinfeld, 3rd Rock From the Sun, M*A*S*H, Futurama, South Park, King of the Hill, The Simpsons.

        • Batman is my number one hero. I feel that I can relate to him in someways. He's always been my favorite super hero because there's really nothing super about him. He isn't an alien, wasn't bitten by a radio-active spider or otherwise exposed to radiation, and he didn't have any weird experiments performed on him. He's just a normal guy with a grudge against crime. His only 'power' is his wealth, which is completely feesable (sorry if I spelled that incorrectly, actually I'm pretty sure I did. I'll have to fix it sometime...) because there are a handful of very wealthy people in this world. How many people can really shoot webs from their hands or competely disguise themselves with a pair of common glasses?

          Infact, Superman is one of my most (if not the most) hated icons. I can't stand Superman. Sorry Superman fans. And no, it doesn't mean we can't still be friends.

        • "Ours is not to do the extraordinary, but to do the ordinary extraordinarily well."

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writing Ronnie_Elliv
Writing; my anti-drug.
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