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Member Name B. C. Bell
Date of Birth 09/12/1962
Gender Male
Location 511 W. Melrose St. #303, Chicago, IL
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    • Author and creator of TALES OF THE BAGMAN, B. C. Bell writes genre crime, horror, suspense, science and pulp fiction. He is also writing about himself in the third person.

      His short story "How Pappy Got Five Acres Back and Calvin Stayed on the Farm" was a winner in the 2007 Annual Short Story Contest. Go read it for free!

      Then PLEASE go check out a copy of TALES OF THE BAGMAN. Mac McCullough, a mere foot soldier in the Chicago mob, changes sides when forced to enforce on his own family. Sometimes, all it takes is a smart-ass hood to wreak havoc on the Chicago Outfit.

      Bell also writes 1930's style hero pulps for Airship 27. His novella "The Gateway Machine"--in which pulp legend SECRET AGENT X battles the minions of Cthullu, and a blood relative of Abdul Alhazred, author of The Necronomicon--appears in Secret Agent X Vol 2.

      Bell's "Curse of Red Jaguar" appears in JIM ANTHONY SUPER-DETECTIVE VOL 1. Jim Anthony and his aides must find the link between a modern industrialist and a Mayan god to stop a psychopathic killer.

      My DAN FOWLER G-MAN story, "Harvest of Crime," pits America's ace inspector against a machine gun bank robber. This is one of my favorites. Mystery anyone?

      RAVENWOOD, STEPSON OF MYSTERY, in which pulps only true occult hero confronts a Yeti, and a man intent on ruling the world using the legend of The Abominable Snowman.

      MYSTERY MEN (and WOMEN) features a stand alone BAGMAN story. Mac foils a bank robbery and takes out a crooked cop in the Chicago summer of 1933.

      I just finished a yet-to-be released DAN FOWLER G-MAN story, "Feeding on the Predators Corpse." This one's dark. The villain is based loosely on Richard Kuklinski, The Iceman--who claimed to have taken some two-hundred-and-fifty-lives.

      And, yes! There is a BAGMAN sequel in the works! How could I put Mac in 1933 Chicago and not send him to the World's Fair? I couldn't. Along the way we learn more about Mac's proclivity for stealing, a passel of Gypsy pickpockets, Mac confronts Dillinger, and a certain crossover with Canadian Calvin Daniel's pulp hero, THE BLACK WOLF. This one's going to explode!

        • Dashiell Hammet, Raymond Chandler, Harlan Ellison, Jim Thompson, Jack London, Paul Auster, Robert Heinlein, Cornell Woolrich, Peter Rabe, F. Paul Wilson, Cains--both Paul and James M., Donald Westlake, Bill Pronzini, Harry Harrison, and about a million more. I love old pulps, both the magazines and the Gold Medal-type paperbacks. Victor Gischler is funny, hardboiled, well plotted and I'm extremely envious as he seems much better adjusted than myself.

        • Old b&w noir, Blade Runner, The Big Lebowski, Seven, The Magnificent Seven, Unforgiven, Reservoir Dogs, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, anything with the Marx Bros. Once again there are millions and it all depends on my mood

        • The Ramones, Charles Mingus, Bach, Mission of Burma, Eric Dolphy, Dead Kennedy's, Robert Johnson, Howlin' Wolf, The Fall, Beethoven, you can see it tends to vary. Mostly Blu-note jazz, punk and post punk, garage bands etc.

        • Batman, which is like the Ramones of comics, I suppose. Garth Ennis, Will Eisner, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Wally Wood, Harvey Kurtzman, Howard Chaykin--esp. the old American Flagg.

        • Dylan Thomas, Shelley, Poe, Bukowski!

        • Old ones, really old ones, where the color Sunday funnies need one page for one comic strip, I already know how all the news is going to end, the fashion ads are drawn and the newsprint is in different fonts.

        • Huffington Post, Crooks & Liars, The Pulp Factory, Bob Cesca,, MySpace (please check out my page), Warren Ellis, etc.

        • All the writers listed above--particularly Jack London, Buddha, Jesus and Lee Marvin.

        • On websites I tend to write without thinking, quite often with no plan at all; something I really need to work more on doing in my first drafts, and less on doing on websites where somebosy might actually read it. So, please let me apologize ahead of time, I didn't mean to offend, merely give you something to ponder.

        • Coffee, Cigarettes, Complaining, and Generally making fun of things.

        • Dropped out of college to play in a band. I've been a retail manager, salesman, ranch hand, croquet referee, senior resident at a halfway house, construction worker,handyman, caterer, mental health advocate, graphic artist, husband and confidant. Never been rich. Been real poor. I'd rather be genuine and have people who care about me than be rich and be an ass****. But I haven't given up on being rich. I'll settle for secure, comfortable, any of those nice adjectives.

      PrestoBlammo   PrestoBlammo wrote
      on 8/13/2009 2:25:12 PM
      Just out! If you like Hero Pulp Fiction, my novella "Curse of the Red Jaguar" is now available in JIM ANTHONY: SUPER-DETECTIVE from Airship 27 Productions and Cornerstone Books, also available through and This is 1930's pulp, pure!

writing PrestoBlammo
"Nobody, but nobody, ever gets what they deserve."
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