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Member Name Tricia Dee
Date of Birth 06/21/1993
Gender Female
Location North Las Vegas
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    • Hi. My name is Tricia Dee. I am a rookie writer trying to see if I have what it takes to become a writer. I actually never thought that I would have the talent for writing. I really hated to write because everytime I would write an essay it would practically stink, literally. My teachers would always give me low F's because my paper's were actually failures. I still am kind of not that great in writing; sometimes my grammer would not make sense and my sentence structure would totally blow, but really I put that all behind me and just plain out write my heart out. I'm not really wanting to make it big, I just wanted to see if I am good enough and I also wanted to see if my friends were telling me the truth and not just being nice because I am a very fragile person. Instead of ranting on I will just skip to the just of it, I am a young writer with no experience of anything, and I would like to try my luck on writing.

      -Thanks for reading this if you did- :D

        • I'm a total dork because I love reading young adult books. My two favorite books of all time are from two different series; The House of Night books and The Darkest Powers Trilogy. I do like the way P.C. Kast and Kristen Cast write; as if they're talking to you and verbally reading you the story. That's basically all me, there's nothing more to say about my favorite books. Oh, but I guess I always follow the trend of what teenagers are reading now a days, except for TWILIGHT. I only like the movies.

        • Movies are another story for me because I have many movies that I like, but I can't say that I have a favorite screenwriter. My most favorite movie of all time is STARDUST. That movie just blew me away. I know that it is kind of a sin to watch a movie first without reading the book that goes along with it, but I do that all the time. Before reading the book STARDUST I watched the movie first because to be honest I didn't know that there was a book of it. To cut it short I love almost all movies; they usually inspire me to write something.

        • Korean music is my cup of tea. I luv K-Pop, I mean what teenage asian girl doesn't? LOL. I think that's all I have to say about music, because if I keep going I won't be able to stop.

        • I have to admit, I don't watch much American television because I am ,again, more into korean stuff, like their dramas. There most popular korean dramas I am into are boys over flowers, you're beautiful, full house, mary stayed out all night, and I think there's more but I just don't keep track of all of them.

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