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Member Name Neil Ostroff
Date of Birth 09/02/1969
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Location Doylestown
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    • I’m an author of dark, noir thrillers, romance thrillers, and middle grade sci/fi and paranormal novels. I was raised in a rural town outside of Philadelphia and have been a published author for more than twenty years. My science fiction and fantasy stories have appeared in numerous presses, zines, and websites. I have several published novels available at all online booksellers. I am an avid boater, gardener, and poker player when not working on my novels.

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      ND   ND wrote
      on 4/21/2013 2:05:58 PM
      Writing is easy Do you know if you write a page a day that within one year you will have written a book? How many times have I heard that one? If that one book takes a year to write then the revision process would have to take many years, unless you’re a genius and don’t need to rewrite and edit. Truth is, writing a first draft is the easy part when writing a novel. I can usually belt one out in a few months. But the revision; forgetta’bout it. That’s the time consuming stuff, though I am getting better at it as I get older (and hopefully wiser). I’m also getting better as a writer. Ideas come more easily after so many years of living in my creative mind and the process of getting them on paper is less time-consuming. For my new novel, I’m finding the plot twists are coming naturally and I’ve had quite a few ‘aha!’ moments in the last few days. Here’s a little secret about starting a new novel. Don’t worry about the perfect first chapter or getting that perfect first line, it’s incredibly frustrating. Just start jotting down a story with the mind-set that you’re going to rewrite it later. Through most of my books, I’ve completed about half of the novel when I usually go back and write new intro’s that incorporate the original intro’s, if that makes any sense. For instance, I thought I had the perfect intro for my latest, a shocking, get-right-into-the-action first chapter, when a few hours ago I came up with a much better start. But I only could have progressed to that point if I’d already had something written down, something I could improve on. My old intro to my novel is now chapter two. But, that intro catapulted me into the story so I could build a base. As of this post, I’ve hit the 25,000 word mark and have a pile of notes about how the novel will progress. But since I don’t outline, I’m not sure what exactly will happen. The fun of this project is that anything can. My blog:

      ND   ND wrote
      on 2/11/2012 12:57:29 PM
      I discovered the secret I think I may have discovered why my sales increased so dramatically the other day. It has nothing to do with a marketing promo suddenly taking off or someone posting a rave review and recommendation. I believe my increase in sales was due to Kindle error. I posted a few notes on the KDP forum about my jump in sales and it seems that I’m not the only author that this happened to. It appears Kindle had made some mistakes in their counters and the recent jump in numbers was them finally correcting this problem. But here’s the good news… they were real sales! Though the 80 purchases in an hour and a half didn’t happen at that moment, the sales were still real and the ranking in the paid Kindle store was true. In a strange way, this gives me hope on the days that I rack few sales that perhaps there are sales taking place that will be recorded later. That said, the secret to making it as a successful indie writer is this: PATIENCE. We are experiencing first hand a new era in publishing where the writer can instantly connect with the publisher. It used to be that authors received a quarterly notice on sales and had no way of knowing how they were going until then. Now, sales recordings are almost instant. A writer can check hourly if he or she has sold a book. This can lead to a daunting feeling of “things aren’t happening fast enough”. Yesterday, I was a little depressed because I only logged 4 sales for the day. What I don’t take into account is the 125 sales I’ve shown so far this quarter. And this quarter isn’t over. And my sponsorships are just beginning. And with the electronic age my books have no shelf life so they will be available for purchase forever. It’s kind of mind boggling when you think about it. I have my entire life to market and promote my books. Wow! On a side note, I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what led to my jump in sales. Though, it had no direct impact that day, I believe posting on Kindle Boards is the best way to promote your books without over-promoting. Kindle Boards allows you to attach your book images and links to buy them with each post you make. So, even if your posting a question about something unrelated to your writing you’ll still have a hash tag of your books. I believe this has led to an increase in sales.

      ND   ND wrote
      on 2/9/2012 1:57:53 PM
      It worked! The free promotion of SILENT INVASION seems to have worked. I don’t know if someone put it as a recommendation on their website, or if someone posted a blog about it, or that people who have read my other books liked them and now want to read this one. But last night in a period of about two hours I sold nearly 80 copies in the U.S. and U.K. combined. At one point my Amazon ranking fell below the 5,000 mark. It’s now back up into the 20,000 range. It is quite a rush to see the sales numbers go up and I must have checked every ten minutes. So, what now? Well, the numbers have steadied and are subsiding. My next move is to retrace all my promo for the last few days and try to figure out what made SILENT INVASION click for so many readers. Once I pinpoint the marketing avenue, I’ll do the same promo for each of my other books and hopefully create even more of a viral effect. The promotions have also affected my other books and they seem to be selling a bit more, too, especially in the U.K. As a writer, don’t underestimate the buying power of our friends across the pond. I’ve locked more than three dozen overseas sales so far this month. I’m excited to see what happens with AFTER and the Kindle Nation Daily sponsorship scheduled for Feb. 16th. I’ll track the results and post. That’s about it for today. I did win about $500 down in Atlantic City and had a great time. Now, it’s time to get back to the biz. of writing. If sales continue the way they are going, it won’t be long until I finally break even in my marketing and book production costs and may even start making a profit. Please check out SILENT INVASION. This book seems to be the flavor of the moment. My blog:

      ND   ND wrote
      on 1/29/2012 11:58:17 AM
      I’m not famous! Funny thing happened yesterday while I was working at my conventional job. A young, attractive girl happened to stumble upon my books on the internet and came up to talk to me about them. She said how much she respected someone who could do what writers are born to do and she wished she could author a book. (What I didn’t tell her about was the years of isolation and sacrifices made). Anyway, she then said something to me that struck as both humorous and poignant. She said, and I quote “Wow, you’ve written nine books! You’re going to be famous!” I replied with a little laugh “Maybe I’ll get rich, but writers don’t really get famous.” That thought stuck in my head for the rest of the night and obviously into today. Unlike musicians and actors, writers aren’t usually in the lime light. We don’t ache for public attention (at least I don’t), and generally prefer being alone. Even if I sell a million books I don’t expect to walk into a restaurant, be recognized, and be given a special table. Or go shopping and have a crowd of admirers follow me around the store snapping photos. Writers write because they have to. They tell stories because it’s an urge that must be fulfilled. Whether getting famous or not. Rich or not. Real writers must put pen to paper (or in my case, fingers to keyboard) every day or they feel somehow disconnected from the world. Some would call it lunacy. Others, mad genius. And still others would say I waste a huge amount of time tapping away. Whatever it is that drives writers cannot be understood by those who don’t. So if you see me out and about you don’t need to come running for an autograph or pull out your phone for a picture. You can just step up and say hi, because I’m nobody famous; just a writer. As promised, here is another example of a query that got a lot of publisher and agent requests. I’ve omitted the last paragraph of credentials since I’ve listed them in prior posts. DREAM TRAVELER In the far reaches of the galaxy, thoughts can become reality. DREAM TRAVELER is a 30,000-word young adult fantasy adventure in which a fifteen-year-old girl journeys to the future and risks her soul to understand the politics of an alien civil war and stop the destruction of the universe. After centuries of conflict, ageless spirits called Phelastians, who live on a magnificent floating city, are finally making peace with Dwellers, ape creatures who live on a decimated planet Earth. Ancient formalities require that a human be present as a witness to the treaty. A Phelastian travels through the interstellar continuum back in time and recruits Jamie Richards, a geeky, everyday teenager. Core, a Dweller overlord, is pro war and sabotages the link connecting Jamie to her world. Jamie vanishes from the signing, crumbling the negotiations, and sending her on a series of fantastic, alternate-reality adventures that shatter the boundaries of possibility. Stumbling into shifting prisms of both worlds, she visits war-ravaged landscapes, returns to an Earth ruled by mechanical aliens, and even meets herself as a frail, old woman. Through it all, Jamie pieces together the disjointed fragments of space and time and discovers a stable vortex. She returns to the moment of signing and stabilizes the link seconds before creation explodes with parallel dimensions. DREAM TRAVELER is the second in a completed three book sci-fi/fantasy series. Readers can expect a mind-bending adventure punctuated by bizarre plot twists. Jamie faces and overcomes unimaginable obstacles. She is a strong, smart, female hero. The story will delight children, teens, and adults alike. ALWAYS WRITING

      ND   ND wrote
      on 1/26/2012 12:13:22 PM
      Marketing plus In my endless quest to market and promote myself so I can sell millions of books and spend my days fishing in the Florida Keys, I’ve discovered yet a few more sites and tips that are free and can do wonders for promotion. The latest cool marketing bit is on the Kindle Forums, ie. Kindle chat. This forum has thousand of members and there are hundreds of topics to comment on. But do not self-promote! So, why is this so cool? Because, Kindle forums allows you to place cover widgets of your books at the bottom of everything you comment on. So you can engage in lots of talk while also showing off your titles. You do this by going into your profile and at the bottom it has a button for the code to link your books. This is like showing off your covers to thousands without overtly self-promoting. Some other great sites for strictly posting your work are:,, book,, and There are hundreds of others of course, but these are easy to sign up and easy to navigate. In other news, SILENT INVASION has sold a few copies and I’m gearing up for a big promo blitz. My other books are beginning to sell okay and between the five exclusively for sale on Kindle, I’m selling about three to five a day. The next month should be exciting because all my promotion gigs start, including my Kindle Nation spot. That one took three months to get and I got it before they raised their rates. I just checked, and most of their spots are filled three to four months out. If you have a book to advertise, I’d book space now. Also, something I’ve wanted to get off my chest. In the last year I’ve published five books on Kindle, set up accounts on more than 35 writers sites and have marketed and promoted my books for hours daily, yet I still feel it’s not happening fast enough. I feel like somehow if I don’t hit it big soon that technology will make authors obsolete. Or at least, the ability for authors to make a living at writing. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before books are pirated on the internet as easily as music. I feel like an aging dinosaur in an increasingly modern world. I only hope this way of life for all of us writers doesn’t disappear. Please check out SILENT INVASION and please hit the tags and like button. Thanks. blog:

writing ND
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