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Member Name Katrina G.
Date of Birth 11/16/1986
Gender Female
Location New Jersey
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    • Y.H.I.L.E....

      In Love

      The desire to write sparked again when my love started to make an imprint in my life.



      He is this and so much more....He is my love. The inspiration of my presence on this site. And yet he is not a member.

      What is love? I will be talking of this and other themes in my time here, however long it'll be however oftien it'll be. For I do not know for certain my capablities as well as my time.

      Two things I know. I know who my Love is and I know I love to write.

      Not the best, but aspiring to be. I do not dream to be mediocre, I dream to be GOOD.

      Broken family affairs, struggles with school, dream-come-true romance, volunteering, anxciety, work, parents...fill my life, fill my themes. Expect them. Expect also frequent forays into writing prompts, especially from these::

      SL INKsters:

      Creative Writing

      Also, I will be spending time on the Protagonize website[] ; works under that website comes under a completely different copyright license than works here and therefore the two should not mix. Therefore, what you'll find there, you wont find here (except maybe in Campfire Stories). And to me,



      .... I Think of these first things and this is what I desire to give ,and give back.Come with me on this journey.

        • Favorite Books: "LOTR" trilogy by J.K. Tolkien

          "Redwall" series by Brian Jacques,

          Books by Alexandre Dumas

        • "The Lord of the Rings"
          "V for Vendetta"
          "The Sixth Sense"
          "E.T." ( = ) )

          M. Night Shyamalan (best horror-- whoot! SIXTH SENSE!!)

        • Country Music(genre)
          Soothing classical and contemporary piano

          Fantasy/Game-Set Music
          Craig Morgan (Country singer)
          Alabama(Country Music Band)

          anything tasteful...I accept any style so long as its got intelligent, tasteful lyrics. In other words, cursing and rapping about bad topics-- the former (cursing) already a no-no on my list- wont cut it for me.

        • IF I ever watch TV....

          Old 50s/Black-and-white style Comedy
          "Home Improvement" (old 90s comedy series, hehe)
          "Teresa de Jesus" mini-series

        • Hm, not sure. I have not read the Comics recently, or observed anything. Can anyone point anyone good out to me? Certainly "The Peanuts Gallery" needs to make anyone's list for being generally a thoughtful commentary on life.

        • Derek Walcott

        • Wall Street Journal
          The Washington Post

        • - talk to me in IM on this page!

 --> Where I like to mess around with my photos!

          I'm part of the Y Generation:P ....I leave a web imprint everywhere. In addition to the above, I have a Facebook and two IMVUs that I *actively* use. And I'm tempted to make an account for Gather. I also am often on WOW (World of Warcraft) and Second Life. I am a roleplayer.


          J.R.R. Tolkein
          Alexandre Dumas

          HEROES IN MY LIFE:

          St. Therese de Lisieux
          My Mom (no matter how annoying and how unhappy I am with her, she's still made a big impression on me)
          My loving boyfriend, who I will nickname "L" to protect his privacy- He gives me motivation to get up and *do*

        • "Well, ok, but I dont want you to babysit her [L's baby sister] all through the summer. You have a new life to live, a job, Katrina....and you just let her know that when she comes to visit, we can pick her up from any airport, wherever she comes from"- Mrs. R.

          (Oh, L! Your grandmother is so wonderful! Full of surprises, hehe)

        • HAPPILY TAKEN AND UNAVAILABLE. Online only for networking, peer criticque, and seeking friendship. Thank you very much!!

          Oh, and if you're on WOW and betweeen Level 5 and 8, contact me on my Horde Alynisa on the server Thrall :P boyfriend is waaay higher than I am, so I often cant play with him, heh.

        • ballroom ballroomdancing christian christianity christianmedieval classicalpiano contemporarypiano countrymusic countryoldies creativewriting jrrtolkien lordoftherings modesty newagepiano helpingpeople pope prolife purity reading roleplay roleplaying romancatholic secondlife secondlifeballroom sl gaming musicaltheater theater friends wow

        • EDUCATION:

          Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ
          Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Expected December 2008

          Saint Anselm College, 2004-2005

          Creativing Writing, Fall 2007


          5th Place Lincoln-Douglas Spaker, 2004 Jack Lynch Tourni, St. Anselm College


          (current) volunteer, Office of Immigration and Human Trafficking Services,Catholic Charities

          Seton Hall University Office of Mission & Ministry
          Wendy's, Inc.
          2007 Summer Volunteer- Movement for a Better America
          Other Work Study Jobs

          Currently looking for a job ;)

      DaniTNYC   DaniTNYC wrote
      on 6/12/2008 8:22:05 AM
      Thank you so much for the warm welcome!

      MarjeanTherese   MarjeanTherese wrote
      on 6/9/2008 9:04:29 AM
      (Hey! Dont make me feel lonely! :P )

writing MarjeanTherese
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