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Member Name Marie Marshall
Gender Female
Location near Dundee, Scotland
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    • Essentially I would like less of a life on-line, not more of a life on-line...

      I am a poet. I write neo-formal poetry, but I regard form as a good servant rather than a poor master; I refuse to be constrained by form, and I recognise and use the power of free verse.

      I am an author. I write short stories, sometimes erotic, sometimes with a supernatural twist - both of these themes are by accident rather than by design.

      I am currently an associate editor of Sonnetto Poesia magazine.

      Poems published? Yes, some in magazines and in a couple of anthologies. One was etched into an African drum and put on display at the New Orleans Museum of Art. I have blogged a hell of a lot of it on another site, however, which means that most publishers and competition sponsors won't touch it.

      Stories published? Yes, one or two in magazines, and a couple read aloud by professional actors at a literary festival.

      The best thing I have ever written? Probably my longest short story, "The Last-but-one Samurai", currently unpublished.

      Projects? 1) Finding a publisher for my novel "Lupa", written 2004. 2) Find a publisher for my novel for older children, "The Everywhen Angels", just finished and currently with my proof-reader. 3) Finish my verse-drama "Welshday".

      Please visit my website:

      Thank you.

        • I try not to read, in case it influences the way I write. I am currently trying to resist the temptation to read Patricia Highsmith.

          I would rather be Harper Lee than J K Rowling.

        • Personal website - under construction
          Agent's website - under construction
          Personal blog -

        • On poetry in general: "Poetry should do more than just say something." (me)

          On writing both formal verse and free verse: "I've proved I can draw; now I'm entitled to pickle a shark and call it art." (me)

          On free verse: "Free verse without natural rhythm is nothing more than a laundry list." (me)

          (and yes, someone else was doing all the hard work while I sat on my tochas dreaming them up)

          On life in general: "It's a good day for somebody else to die." (The Dwarves' slogan from Discworld, Terry Pratchett)

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writing Marie_Marshall
Only one thing is certain about my writing - one day it will stop.
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