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Member Name Mac McGovern
Date of Birth 07/15/1950
Gender Male
Location Cantonment, Fl
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    • Mac McGovern was born in Dubuque, Iowa and lived there most of his youth. Most of his adult life he served in the US Navy, retiring in 1995.

      Mac has varied experiences in the US Navy as a Chief Hospital Corpsman, Cardiopulmonary Technologist, Director of the Naval School of the Health Sciences Cardiopulmonary Technique School and of the Encephalography Technique School. He developed and implemented "The Competency Based Instructional Systems Program" for use in all technical training programs in all military services. It is still the standard in use today. He served as a Medical Recruiter, Educator, was the first Master Training Specialist in the Navy and is a State of Florida Journeyman Recruiter. As a civilian, he worked as a Home Improvement Executive, and Licensed Florida Roofing Contractor. He has written and published a book of poetry and utilizes his extensive knowledge in writing poetry, articles, and blogs.

      Mac writes from the heart and is influenced somewhat by what he sees, feels, hears, and to a larger extent, what is gleamed from his minds eye. Today, Mac resides in Pensacola, Florida with the inspiration and love of his life, his wife Sandra.

      In May 2011, he began developing a new poetic form called "Interchanging Poetry." A narrative combining poetry with discussion, debate, dialog, or description; using poetry to emphasize the narrative. The purpose, to develop interchanging literary devices to enhance poetic discourse.

        • The last one I read and the next one I read.

          Joyce Kilmer is my favorite poet.

        • The last one a saw and the next one I see.

        • Adventure
          Anything Zombies

        • I like all poets. It takes the courage of a warrior to publish poetry and allow critique that often defines whether the poet will or will not continue to write.

          I believe,

          "No matter what you write, someone will love it."

        • A dinosaur that refuses to recognize it is dead, and is in great need of decompensation.


        • My Heroes include:

          Our Armed Forces:

          All those who have served, are serving now, and those who will serve in our Armed Forces in the future.

          Our Constitution:

          The Framers of the Constitution must have been buried face down, as to not be able to scratch their way to the surface, to decry the desecration of their foundation for justice and liberty now lying splayed and defiled, no longer recognizable to the people it was drafted and intended to defend.


          All thoses who believe in God, and that he Blessed America until we took him out of our schools, government, and are allowing him to be erased from society in general. America is no longer Blessed and will continue its downward slide into the abyss of distruction until God is once again first in America.

        • "Think you can or think you cannot, you are always right."

          "No matter what you write, someone will love it."

          "What the mind can conceive, the pen can achieve"

          "It is...what is written, not...what is bestowed."

          "Poetry is not a written or spoken form to be feared, rather, should be the educational tool that teaches reading, writing and the arts as no other single genre is capable."

          "The moon is our best friend, it never turns its back on us."

          "You are who you are, you cannot change what fate has made unique; you must first love you."

          "You starve your children not by denying them food but, through lack of discipline."

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writing MacMcGovern
No matter what you write, someone will love it.
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