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Member Name Jan Kennedy
Date of Birth 04/26/1942
Gender Male
Location Dellroy, Ohio
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    • I am a semi-retired writer, with 22 years experience at The Repository in Canton, Ohio, covering all desks and specializing in feature writing. I also have been writing and publishing murder mystery dinner theater plays for 15 years. We currently will open Sept. 30 (2011) at Meyers Lake Ballroom in Canton.
      I won several writing awards through The Rep, but also won two third place and three second place awards in five years at the Northeast (USA) Writers Conference once held at the Kent State University Stark Campus.
      Today, I continue to cover a few night meetings a month for The Rep, and I have a Sunday column called "Carroll County Collage," that features people and events in Carroll County.
      I live in a log home on 43 acres about 1 mile from beautiful Atwood Lake near the little town of Dellroy. I am single and just inherited a 15-year-old cat from a friend who had a kidney transplant and can no longer have her in his house. If I'm able to keep her off my lap, I sometimes can get some writing done. It's not that she's a fan of my writing, she doesn't even look at it. (She did put a paw on my keyboard and hit delete once. Surely she didn't know ... of course not. Then again ...) I guess my lap is the only place she feels safe and secure. I've probably revealed more than necessary in this first get-together with you, so maybe there'll be more later. Of course, you can write me with questions. As Joe Walsh once wrote, "Maybe I'll call."

        • When I try to read anything more than a newspaper, I fall asleep. Doctors don't know why, but it's been going on for decades. Therefore, I can't claim a favorite among contemporary writers, but still have fond memories of the Hemingways, Steinbergs, Frosts, etc. from earlier days.

        • I may be a man, but I like "chick' flix. Not too much on action films. More into drama, but like comedies and musicals.
          Don't see a title section for theater on here, so I'll add it here. Favorite (not even a close second) in Les Miz. Saw it twice in London, once in Pgh. and recently the new version in Cleveland. That play gets me so emotionally involved that watching it through teary eyes gives it an impressionistic haze. Kinda neat, actually.
          Like Jersey Boys next after seeing it in Pgh. and Cleveland. Phantom was good in Cleveland and on Broadway, Chicago on Broadway was so-so. Enjoy many local productions as Stark County has several companies that do good work. Actually, there's a lot of talent in this area, including dance and singers.

        • Pretty much all. Not able to bond with rap. Favorite classical composers are the vibrant, mysterious and dynamic one, like the Russians, Debussy, Mozart, Dvorak. As for the Americans, nothing beats Copeland for me. Add Bernstein and Gershwin to the mix.

        • Crime dramas (surprise? I write murder mystery plays), House, Bones. Hate (non)-reality shows. Occasionally get into American Idol (toward the end), but non of the others, including the dancing. Don't know why, because I like dance. Perhaps I'm just jealous I can't look that good.

        • Like seeing some of the stuff Arne did long ago. Rockwell, of course. Where, oh where, did the little boy with the imaginary tiger go? Loved that script. Mostly stuff that makes me laugh, but still like Rex Morgan and Mark Trail.

        • Don't read much of the new stuff, but I don't really get some of the new poetry. What ever happened to rhyme and iambic pentameter? Most of what I read now seems more like the prose of old that was filled with imagery.

        • Just the Repository and the Carrollton Free Press Standard, the local weekly paper. I have done a little writing for them in the past.

        • Starting my business site again. My murder mystery company name is Main Course-MURDER. The site is Hopefully it will be up by September (2011). I put in the year because this may be around for a log time and new readers years from now may wonder when it began.

        • Damn near anything Steven Wright ever said. I live to read quotations. Love the insights. Serious or comedic. Never can get enough, so I can't pick a particular personality. Love them all.

        • Crossword puzzles. Can't compete with the best, but I'm pretty damn good. Every wordsmith should make use of this useful tool, but I just do it for pleasure.
          I also like trivia. Jeopardy is fun.

        • Hunting and fishing, being on the lake in my boat, volunteering by being on several civic-minded boards, traveling, traveling, traveling. Oh, yes, I didn't forget to mention traveling, did I?

      JanHKennedy   JanHKennedy wrote
      on 8/16/2011 2:05:24 PM
      As soon as I can figure out how to do it, I'd like to start putting down some of my short stories to get your reaction. Until then, glad you stopped by. Hope to find you here again soon.

writing JanHKennedy
Not sure what a tag line is supposed to be. Can someone enlighten me?
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