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Member Name Yvette Ivie Dixon
Date of Birth 11/03/1964
Gender Female
Location San diego, CA
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    • It's not about me, it's about 'US", and 'WE'....collectively. :>) + (<:

        • The Bible is lighthouse beacon for my journey thru my life; so it is my favorite book of all time. It's full of interesting characters, action, adventure, the supernatural, laughter, tears, twists and turns' but foremost it is my reminder that i am never alone, and there is no such thing as anyone getting the best of me as long as i am being the best of me thru the Most High Name of Jesus, the Christ.

          'Hotel Newhampshire' is my 2nd favorite book. (who'd a thunk it?)

          Edgar Allen Poe was / is genius.

          'If" by Rudyard Kipling is a brilliant insight on a great perspective towards your life.

        • i am not much of a movie-goer, and not very literate on the likes of the names or reputations of screenwriters. I'm just a self-indulgent overly sensitive and sometimes slightly neurotic poetess.

        • Alternative Rock really sets me to groovin'. I 'm partial towards the works of types such as: My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, MGMT, Korn, The Killers (realy hott stuf there), Insane Clown Posse, etc....Just to name a very few. I can appreciate the guttst soulful honesty that seems to come into play with genre of music; not to mention the grooves that demand you give it a listen.

        • I have a sick fascination with 'The Family Guy', an animated sitcom featuring adult humor.

        • Not really my thing, (yet, see 'TV Shows above (?)). I do think Anime is very intriging and have been known to suck some of that up on a rare occasion.

        • I must admit that I am my favorite Poet. I rationalize my lack of humility with my sense of unconditional truth and honesty when asked for my opinion on a subject (If I even have one.)

        • Ian not a journalist and i find that what is supposed to be objective reporting is; in most cases these days, very biased. Oh heck, the TRUTH is, it's just to intellectual and left-brained to hold my attention for to long. So shoot me, I don't read Celebrity reporting rags either.

        • I just get a great big kick out of chatting within the medium of avatars, so I'm on My IMVU Messenger when I'm not typing out my poems from their pages of my journals.
          It's a real hott way to be sexy and make friends from all over the world.

          my user name is Guest_Freeque.

          Check it out.

          Also, I've been a member of since '04 and all my work is there. I'm looking to expand my audience as well as read some new stuff; hence my roaming over to Writing Room.

          Actually, introduced me to this site and I really like it's look and feel so far.
          We shall see if I get any sort of positive reception here, as I have at

          You can check out my stuff at '' .

          You get your own site to post ur stuff and fix up any way you see it fit. Pretty cool and i recommend this site to all who love to read really creative and clever, well thought out little twinkles.

          And of course the obligatory free porn sites :D

        • This is an easy one...The One and Only, Son of The Only True, Wise, God of Heaven and earth:

          JESUS CHRIST, My only salvation thru his sinless blood, I am seen as righteous and without spot to the All- seeing,gracious,just and loving God My Father also, now.
          It's the most joyfully amazing realization to know in your heart of hearts that you ARE gonna go to Heaven when your done with this flesh. Amen Man!

        • "Do others the way you wanna be done!", GOD

          "Life is Sooooo RAD!!!" WEEZER

          "Poetry is the lyrics to the melody of life's heartbeat", Iviedoe

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writing Iviedoe
"Poetry is the lyrics to the melody of life's heartbeat" Iviedoe 2008
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