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Member Name Joe Cajiao
Date of Birth 07/22/1968
Gender Male
Location Kearny
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    • I'm the guy who knows the guy who knew a guy , I roam where ever I go I'm there because I took a wrong turn and found it by acident. When I get there you'll know cause the exits signs will be clearly marked. I love history and all it's winding turns, I love hot weather places next to the ocean. I love palm trees and tropical cities,I love to travel and I do not like the cold winters. Im fun I like the night life and I do not like those people who are all grown up and don't know the meaning of inner child. That does not mean what it sounds like,Inner child yes irresponsible spoiled child no just figuered I'd help you differentiate that little fact. I don't like the bullies of the world and I allways hope they can be eaten up by the dreds of society,or dipped in a vatt of boiling steamy vommit where they belong. But enough about me add me as a friend and introduce yourself the bars open and wer'e here to create and let loose all those little characters in our wondering minds

      Highwaynomad   Highwaynomad wrote
      on 4/12/2009 10:05:29 AM
      Greeting and salutations everyone I hope everyone is in good health and spirits and I wish you all a happy and safe Spring .

      Highwaynomad   Highwaynomad wrote
      on 12/28/2008 1:13:51 PM
      Greetings and salutations every one I hope every one has had a pleasent,happy and safe holiday season. I want to thank every one who has ready my stories and have commented on my stories. I also want every one to have a great 2009 and remmebr be kind to yourself and others we only go on this ride of life once,so make the best of it and touch someones life in a positive manner. Be safe ,be happy and don;t take anything serious in the end you can't take it with you . Love the one your with ,cherish life and live every day with the sence that you are a positive influence in someones life and that you make a difference even int he smallest way . Peace every one and enjoy some of my latest writtings so long every one highwaynomad

      Highwaynomad   Highwaynomad wrote
      on 8/24/2008 8:49:20 AM
      Hi every one welcome aboard, I hope you have enjoyed this portion of the trip . So far it's been a smooth ride but we will be experiencing some bumpy weather up ahead. So please buckle up try to relax because the excitement is about to begin. Enjoy letting your mind wonder loose and getting lost in my many adventures wich I will be posting. If we loose a sudden grasp of reality stay calm , one of our story historical characters will make sure you keep an open mind and a sence of adventure. So sit back read on and be prepared to open you mind ,wonder in to an exciting world of historical fiction.

writing Highwaynomad
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