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Description: Does the size of the fan blade affect the air volume?
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In the processing of materials, the size of the air mill determines the size of the finished product and the size of the output. Therefore, the adjustment of the air volume is a very important part of the equipment production. Generally speaking, the air volume cannot be too large or too Small, appropriate size can better ensure the production effect. In the interior of the mill, there are many factors affecting the air volume. Here is to introduce the problem that the size of the fan will affect the air volume.

The adjustment of the internal air volume of the vertical roller mill is generally achieved by adjusting the fan speed. The fan is the source of the air volume, and the more important part of the fan is the fan blade. Therefore, the fan blade is also a kind of air volume. Important factors, and the larger the wind, the larger the air volume, but the size of the wind blade is limited, and cannot exceed the range of the fan casing. Otherwise, the wind blade cannot rotate, or there is a gap between the fan and the fan casing. Wear and affect the service life.

In addition, when the fan blades are used, the wear phenomenon cannot be avoided. In order to ensure the normal air volume inside the mill, it is necessary to check the wear of the blades regularly, and it is found that the wear phenomenon should be repaired or replaced in time. In order to ensure the performance of the fan, the performance of the fan can be ensured, and the volume of the air volume can be ensured. In the normal use process, the maintenance of the blade is also indispensable, which can reduce the frequency of maintenance and reduce the cost of the mill operation. .

This article mainly introduces the problem that the size of the fan blade will affect the air volume. The answer to this question is clearer. The size of the blade will affect the air volume, and the wind and the wind are large, but There are certain limitations in the blade. If the fan cannot work beyond the limit, then the separation of the material cannot be achieved. The quality of the finished product and the output cannot be guaranteed. In addition, the fan should be regularly maintained and repaired during the use of the mill to ensure its performance. 

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